Update 1.15 Patch Notes

A new major update for AFK Arena is coming soon! Featuring 2 new factions, 4 new heroes, ascension changes, hero star upgrades, new campaign chapters, new king's tower floors and much more!

Patch 1.15 was a major update to AFK Arena.

It was released on 29th March, 2019.

New Factions

Two new hero factions have been added: Celestials & Hypogean.

The Hypogean don’t have any heroes yet though and the Celestials only have one added in the patch.

Hypogean and Celestial faction advantages will work differently to the other 4 factions.

Celestial heroes can be viewed as a Graveborn, Lightbearer, Wilder, or Mauler hero when increasing factional bonuses.

Hypogean heroes will not activate any other faction’s factional bonuses but will give all allied heroes the following effects based on the amount of Hypogeans current in the formation:

1+ Defense +30%
2+ Energy recovered when injured +25%
3+ Crit Rating +15%
4+ Critical Strike Damage + 30%
5+ Haste +15

New Heroes

Athalia – Harbinger of Justice. (Celestials)
Seirus – Savior of the Sea. (Wilders)
Fawkes – Death’s Defeat. (Lightbearers)
Skreg – The Cunning. (Maulers)

New Union

New Lightbearer union: The Bounty Hunters. It requires Fawkes, Raine and Mirael.

Hero Ascension Changes

Note: You won’t lose any power with these changes! The hero fodder required to reach max level is the exact same as it is now.

To optimize and smooth out hero ascension progression, we have made the following changes:

Legendary+ > Mythic now requires one Legendary+ hero of the same faction, maximum Mythic levels are now capped at 180.

Mythic > Mythic+ requires one Legendary+ hero of the same faction, maximum Mythic+ levels are now capped at 200.

Mythic+ > Ascended requires two duplicate Elite+ heroes, maximum Ascended levels are capped at 240.

New changes to the ascension tier progression does not affect the current battle dynamics of the game.

All heroes possessed by players that were currently Mythic will automatically be upgraded to Mythic+ and all Mythic+ heroes will become Ascended heroes.

Here’s what the new progression will look like compared to now:

Legendary+ (160)
Mythic (200)
Mythic+ (240)

Legendary+ (160)
Mythic (180)
Mythic+ (200)
Ascended (240)

Resonating Crystal Changes

New Crystal Level feature added to the Resonating Crystal which is unlocked when 5 level 240 players are standing on the Crystal Pentagram.

Once 5 240 level heroes have have unlocked the new resonating crystal leveling feature, heroes’ levels will be based on the crystal level and no longer based on the lowest level hero on the pentagram.

New Hero Star Level System

Stars can be used to increase the Ascended heroes’ attributes. Maximum star level is 5 stars.

New Competitive Features

Added new Legends’ Challenger Tournament, which can be unlocked after completing Chapter 5 of the campaign.

Added new Legends’ Championship Tournament, where players can qualify for by performing well in the Legends’ Challenger Tournament.

Added a new ‘Ladders‘ feature which can be unlocked after completing Chapter 4 of the campaign, where players can compete against each other based on their game achievements.

New Campaign Chapters

Added 3 new campaign chapters:

Chapter 22 – Dereliction.
Chapter 23 – The Dwarven Forge.
Chapter 24 – The Scalding Peaks.

The difficulty and AFK Reward rates for Chapter 21 has also been adjusted.

New Adventure

Added the new adventure “The Dismal Descent” to the Peaks of Time that can be unlocked after stage 15-4.

New King’s Tower Levels

The King’s Tower floors have been raised up to 300 floors. Difficulty of several floors above 200 have been adjusted to become slightly easier.

New Hero Testing Feature

Added a new hero test play feature that can be found in the hero portraits page, where players can test play a hero they do not possess.

Miscellaneous Changes

Reworked the gift set purchasing page visual effects and also added the ‘Advancement Rewards’ option to the list.

Raised the max level of the bounty board quests and added Ascended tier quests that produce higher level rewards.

Optimized the visual art effects for the Noble Tavern.

Added a health bar for guild bosses within guild hunting and increased the guild boss rewards based on the amount of damage done to them.

Raised the limit of daily guild activity points that can be accumulated which is based on the guild’s level.

Optimized and amended game descriptions for several of the game’s languages.

Adjusted the circulation of faction summon packs which will take effect on April 5th.

The requirements needed to open the Stargazer have been changed so that they now require completing Chapter 15 or VIP Level 13.

Hero Changes


  • Optimized the battle visuals.
  • Initial attack cooldowns reduced.
  • ‘Royal Charge’ Attack Rating Damage has been changed from 150%/160%/200%/200% up to 200%/ 230%/240%/250% per each respective level.

Tasi will no longer use the ability ‘Banishment’ if there is only one remaining enemy alive.

Optimized Brutus’ Whirlwind’ ability so that is utilized more intelligently auto-cast.

Arden’s ‘Shield of Thorns’ will now prioritize front-line heroes first.

Fixed a bug causing Belinda’s level 1 ‘Blessing’ ability to incorrectly affect two allies.

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