A Letter to All Adventurers

Lilith have posted a very nice letter to all players on their Facebook page. It is written by Don, Producer of AFK Arena.

Lilith have posted a very nice letter to all players on their Facebook page. It is written by Don, Producer of AFK Arena.

It also officially confirms that there will be a One Year Anniversary event soon!

The Letter

Greetings, AFK Arena players and fans!

It’s been one year since the official global launch of AFK Arena! My name is Don, and as the producer of AFK Arena, I’d like to thank you for your support and also apologize for not getting in touch with the community enough!

First of all, I’d like to say it’s an honor and a privilege to have such a devoted and enthusiastic player base. During the early days of development I would never have dreamed that we would see such strong support! Of course, as relatively inexperienced developers, we’ve received our fair share of criticism as well. But we’ve always tried our best to maintain an honest and open channel of communication with our players and that’s why we would like to shed some more light on the direction that AFK Arena will be taking in its next year of development. We hope to hear your honest feedback on these planned changes.

Events and Daily Perks

As AFK Arena was developed with casual gameplay in mind, the majority of new content has been geared towards PvE aspects and less towards player events, which take up a relatively smaller proportion of our development time. Thus, starting from the One Year Anniversary event, we plan on increasing the frequency of player events as well as the quantity and value of rewards that these events will have to offer. This will include changes such as increasing the amount of heroes that can be claimed in an event and rewarding players with daily login rewards and other simple, easy-to-complete tasks. We hope these changes will allow players to gain more resources without needing to spend more time or energy grinding away at frivolous tasks. Of course, these changes will require some time to implement, but we hope to take our first major step with the One Year Anniversary.

In addition, we also have plans to increase the value of our compensatory rewards. For server maintenance and hotfix downtime, we will be increasing the amount of diamonds from 300 up to 600 for every hour of downtime. We’ll also be upping the amount and value of the redemption code rewards that are sent out during special holiday events.

Plans For The Future

We’ve heard frequent complaints about the game being too “Pay-To-Win”, about players getting stuck at certain stages, and about there not being enough game content in general. For this reason, we are considering making some significant adjustments to mid to late game play. In the future we expect to change the amount and the value of rewards linked directly to main campaign progression. Put simply, the farther a player progresses in the campaign, the more and better rewards they’ll receive. Example changes might include increasing the amount of rewards received in features such as the Bounty Board, Daily Quests, the Arena of Heroes, Arcane Labyrinth, Twisted Realm, Guild Hunts and more, with the end result of these new changes being that players can enjoy a faster and smoother gaming experience.

Aside from the progression-based reward changes we have planned, we also intend to increase the number of available heroes that can be found within the Labyrinth Store and Legends’ Challenger Store –among other places– which will make it easy for players to obtain much needed heroes. This particular change will be coming as early as April, when we will add four heroes to the stores. You’ll have to wait until April to see which heroes they are though!

Another feature we’d like to introduce to the game is a personalized reward feature that will allow players to choose from a range of rewards that they’d like to receive from quests. For example, if a player chooses a certain reward, the quest they must undertake will be directly based upon that reward’s worth. The value of these available quest rewards will also be increased based upon a player’s campaign progression.

Some of the plans mentioned above are already in development, while others are still being discussed. Going forward, we will continue to be open and forthright about any changes to these ideas as well as any future plans that may be in the pipeline. We’ve gained a tremendous amount of development experience by working on AFK Arena over the past year, and none of that would have been possible without so many devoted players.

Last but not least we’d like to present you with a code of untold wonders:


This code will expire in one month, so use it while it lasts!

Thank you for your support, and happy gaming!

Don & the AFK Arena Team

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