AFK Arena Wish Finder Event Guide

Wish Finder is a new event that was added in AFK Arena patch 1.07.

Update 1.07 in AFK Arena added a brand new event called the “Wish Finder”. The goal of the event is to read the clues for each one and then find the corresponding wish in the game.

The wishes are simply items that you can tap on to collect. You then ‘hang’ them on the tree and can then collect the associated reward.

Wish Finder Event Locations

  • Belinda Wish: Library > Echoes of Time banner.
  • Raine Wish: Bounty Board.
  • Rowan Wish: Tavern, under Dolly.
  • Tidus Wish: Arena of Heroes banner.
  • Rosaline Wish: Portrait > Oscar > Story.
  • Angelo Wish: Campaign > World Map > Near Chapter 19.
  • Pippa Wish: Peaks of Time > Wondrous Pouch > Forest Mania banner.

Wish Finder Event Gameplay

Tap a bubble for clues on the location of a wish.

Analyze the clue description carefully to find where the wish is hidden.

The wishes are hidden in multiple places within the game. Find them and tap to claim.

Once you have found a wish, return to the event interface, open the bubble again and tap Hang Wish.

Each time you hang a wish, you will receive a reward.

After hanging all the wishes, tap to claim the grand prize.

Wish Finder Event Rules

For each of the first seven days of the event, a location clue for a wish will be unlocked.

Based on the clues, you can find the wishes hidden in other parts of the game.

After hanging a wish, you will receive the corresponding reward.

Each wish that is hung up will increase your progress toward unlocking the grand prize. After all the seven wishes are hung up, you can tap to claim the grand prize.

Wish Finder Background Lore

It is the most extreme period of winter when frigid winds blow over Esperia. On the coldest day, the people of Esperia light up flames in various ways to illuminate the realm and protect everyone from Hypogeans, conveying hope, peace and warmth. This is the origin of the Spring Spree.

It is believed that on this day, the Obsidian Finches, creatures linking the Divine and Earthly flames, will appear, lighting up the whole of Esperia by igniting the ground with fire. Then each day will grow warmer, until winter gives way to spring.

Wish Finder Event Rewards

Finding all of the wishes will reward the following items.

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