Assembly of Heroes Event

A new event focused on collecting heroes is coming soon!

A new event focused on collecting heroes is coming soon!

It lasts for 30 days.

Event Guide

Accumulate a designated number of Elite heroes to complete stage targets.

Any Elite heroes that you’ve obtained in the past will count towards your progress, but only up to a maximum of 120 heroes. Beyond that you’ll need to obtain new ones once the event goes live.

All stage rewards can be claimed 7 days prior to the event’s conclusion.

All heroes classed as ‘Elite’ and above will count towards stage targets. Differing hero tiers each have a different influence on the progression bar.

Ascending Rare+ tier heroes into Elite tier heroes at the Temple of Ascension will count towards your overall progression. However, ascending heroes that are already above Elite tier will not influence your progress.

Reverting eligible heroes will decrease the amount of progress made towards stage targets.

Stage Rewards

Note: Rewards can’t be claimed until a week before the event ends. That means that we’ll have to wait around 20 days to see what the Brutus skin looks like.

Stage 1
Requires 25 Elite heroes.
Reward: 10 Common Hero Scrolls

Stage 2
Requires 50 Elite heroes.
Reward: Hero Choice Chest

Stage 3
Requires 150 Elite heroes.
Reward: Brutus “Blazefury” Skin

Avatar Frame Reward

There’s an avatar frame in the game files titled “Collect Heroes”. This is presumably a reward for the event.

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