Bootcamp Event

The Bootcamp is a 7 day long mini-event that rewards you for completing specific quests.

The Bootcamp is a 7 day long mini-event that rewards you for completing specific quests.

It seems that this is a one-time only event for new accounts.

New quests will be unlocked each day for the first 5 days of the event.

Let’s be honest, the rewards from this event aren’t amazing. However, a lot of the tasks needed are just activities that you would normally do every day, so you’re basically just getting extra rewards for them while the event is active.

If you’ve missed a day, don’t worry about it! You can complete all of the quests at any point during the event until it ends.

Although keep in mind though that some of the required quests are tied to activities that can only be done a certain amount of times per day. If you’ve not done anything in the event at all and it’s on the last day then you won’t be able to complete some of them.

Table of Contents

The Quests

Please note that the quests listed here are the final ones needed in the chain, there will be prerequisite quests before them.

Example: For “Complete Chapter 5! “. You’ll need to compete Chapter 1 to 4 as well, which are their own individual quests.

Day 1

Send 100 Companion Points.

Acquire 500 Daily Quest Points.

Complete Chapter 5!

Day 2

Participate in 9 Guild Hunts.

Attain Enhancement Grade 9.

Fight 15 Times at the Arena.

Day 3

Complete 20 Bounty Board Quests.

Be Victorious 25 Times in the Labyrinth.

Use Fast Rewards 5 Times.

Day 4

Retire 25 Common Heroes.

Summon 5 Elite or Above Tiered Heroes.

Make 10 Purchases at the Store.

Day 5

Reach Level 60 With Lowest Level Hero on the Crystal Pentagram.

Undergo 9 Hero Ascensions at the Temple.

Possess 5 Heroes at the Resonating Crystal.

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