A Guide to Guilds

Aside from the obvious social benefits, joining a guild will grant you access to the Guild Store and Team Hunting.

Arcane Labyrinth

Your goal in the arcane labyrinth is to defeat the final boss of each floor. There are 3 floors in total, with each one getting progressively harder. You’ll have 48 hours to attempt to clear the labyrinth, it will then be completely reset and you can try again in …

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King’s Tower

The King’s Tower is a PvE adventure with 750 different levels to clear. Each floor has specific rewards that are only obtainable once. You can only ever go up in the floors of the King’s Tower, there’s no way back down. Once you complete a level, you can never …

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Rickety Cart

The Rickety Cart allows you to reset and retire heroes.

Temple of Ascension

The Temple of Ascension, one of the holiest places throughout the lands of Esperia, was established to pay tribute to the one true god of life, Dura.

Resonating Crystal

The Resonating Crystal is an extremely powerful and very unique feature of AFK Arena. The major benefit to its existence it that you’ll only ever have to invest resources into 5 heroes at a time. All other heroes place inside the crystal will be leveled for free. It also …

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Arena of Heroes

The Arena of Heroes is a PvP league featuring a basic ladder system. There are daily rewards and end of season rewards. Both of which are currently a set amount of Diamonds depending on your ladder position.

Bounty Board

Want to earn some extra coin? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Bounty Board offers heroes a chance to help the local folk of Esperia in return for bounties.