AFK Arena Celestials Guide

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The Celestials are a faction of heroes in AFK Arena.

They’re both strong and weak against Hypogeans.

Hero Description Class Role Synergy Position Artifact Union Type

Zaphrael is a glass cannon mage that teleports into enemies and deals AoE damage. Mage DPS Eironn Back Eye No Intelligence

Flora is a mage that flies up in the sky and deals damage to enemies from above. She can’t be targetted by anyone during a battle. Mage DPS Talene, Tanks Any Any No Intelligence

Wu Kong
Wu Kong can clone himself to avoid enemy damage and CC. Warrior Tank, DPS Lucius Front Grace, Vitality No Strength

Talene can never die, she will be reborn after every death. She can also heal 2 allies when 10% of her HP is lost. Support Everything Everything Back Eye, Blade, Call No Agility

Orthros is a tank that bends the rules of time to defeat his enemies. Tank Tank, Debuffer Any Any Grace, Vitality, Drape Yes Strength

Elijah & Lailah
Elijah & Lailah are two heroes for the price of one. They can both fight separately on the battlefield. One is a melee and the other is a mage. Support Buffer, Regen Lucius, Athalia Back Call, Eye No Intelligence

Athalia is a unique melee assassin. She will instantly attack the enemy opposite it her with burst damage, making her positioning very important. She takes less damage when more allies are alive. Ranger Assassin, Burst Elijah & Lailah Any Eye No Agility

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