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Champions of Esperia Event

This is a new “event” for the Arcane Labyrinth coming in patch 1.23.

It’s basically just the Regal Rewards, but instead of doing daily quests, you have to defeat “Kane” in the lab instead.

Kane is the last boss of each arcane labyrinth floor. Defeating him will reward “Heroic Merits”, which are used to unlock each tier of rewards.


Players must defeat Stage 8-20 to unlock the event.

Release Date

It’s currently scheduled to be released on August 22nd, 2019.


The duration is currently set to 44 days.


The rewards that can earned are Hero’s Essence and Diamonds.

This makes it far more lucrative for players that are more progressed into the game and have reached the point where huge amounts of hero’s essence are required to level up heroes.

Premium Pass

Just like the regal rewards, this event also has a premium pass.

The price will likely be around $25 USD.


Champions of Esperia!

This is a call to arms! Unusual powers have been felt coming from the Arcane Labyrinth. Mages from the Mage’s Guild have been researching the matter and believe the unusual power readings to be coming from the ghoulish phantasms that reside within the labyrinth.

These powers must be brought under control, for if they are not, the elemental powers of Esperia will lose their equilibrium, unleashing untold disasters onto the world. Brave heroes will be rewarded for their valiant efforts. Fight for Esperia!

Thwart evil! Enroll today.

-The Champion’s Guild

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