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Developer Feedback – 03/02/2020

Each week, a select few game developers working on AFK Arena sit down and answer some of the most popular suggestions that were submitted on the official Discord server.

Suggestion #1

Add Niru and Shemira union to the library.

Whether it’s a new hero or an old one, we will continue updating the library with more unions and add interesting background stories. That includes Shemira and Niru, so please be patient.

Suggestion #2

Add a ‘News’ section somewhere so that we have something to reference after the important news mail messages get deleted by ‘Delete All.

Good suggestion! We will definitely work on introducing a clearer way of communicating important messages.

Suggestion #3

We would like more ways to acquire Red Emblems.

Thanks for the suggestion! We will definitely continue releasing more events that will contain Red Emblems as rewards.

Suggestion #4

Please do something with the in-game chat. Missing messages, users you can’t see until you reload the game, censored messages etc.

First of all we’d like to apologise to everyone for experiencing so many various issues with the in-game chat. We are aware of various bugs related to that function and are currently working to resolve them. You might have already noticed that the situation is slowly improving as we are reviewing the censored lexicon. We won’t stop there though. At the same time we encourage all of you to report any issues you encounter with the chat to our Customer Service.

Suggestion #5

Add a time below the AFK chest to show how long it has been collecting.

Nice suggestion! We will definitely consider implementing it in one of the future updates.

Suggestion #6

Add a way to filter gear tab by factions and types (strength, intelligence, agility).

We are working on more ways to help you easier manage your heroes and their equipment. Stay tuned for the future updates!

Suggestion #7

We need more ways to get T2 stones – for example from achievements or specific quests, etc.

Sure! We will consider adding more ways to get T2 stones – especially as a reward in future events (but not limited to).

Suggestion #8

Bounty Board Level 8. Remove the elite tier and give one more team bounty. Or some update to it as we progress the lower rewards aren’t helping that much. We are constantly refreshing for better quests.

Bounty Board is a function vital to the game’s balance, so each change must be preceded by long consideration and numerous tests. As a result, introducing a new level or other related changes might take some time.

Suggestion #9

Please bring guild war back and make it a permanent feature!

We’ve acknowledged that the old guild wars function had a lot of issues, many of which were related to the event’s balance – including the opponents level gap and timezone difference. The reason it was removed from the game was for us to take a step back and rethink the function’s model and rules and eliminate other minor bugs. We are sorry it’s taking a bit longer than we originally planned, but we eventually intend to bring Guild Wars back – even if in a slightly different form. Please look forward to further announcements on our social media.

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