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Developer Feedback – 06/11/2019

Each week some of the game developers working on AFK Arena sit down and answer the most popular suggestions that were submitted on the official Discord server.

This week’s focus is on the Wishlist feature.

Suggestion #1

What are the benefits of the wishlist?

The wishlist makes it easier for you to receive specific heroes that you need. The overall Elite hero rates remain unchanged.

Suggestion #2

But you introduce more and more new heroes, so it’s more difficult to get the ones you want the most!

When you select a hero for your wishlist, new hero releases do not reduce the probability to draw that hero from your wishlist, so no matter how many heroes there are, the probability of getting the specific hero that you want stays the same.

Suggestion #3

What is the difference between having only one hero per faction in the wishlist and filling it all out?

Currently selecting only one hero in your wishlist does not increase the probability of receiving it compared to having the wishlist full. We are however working on implementing a new change that will greatly increase your chances of pulling a hero from your wishlist. After the change, player will be able to see the wishlist working as intended from having a fully filled wishlist. As this is more of a wishlist optimization, Elite hero rates overall will remain unchanged.

Suggestion #4

When will those changes to the wishlist be implemented?

Those changes will be implemented in one of the upcoming new versions in the game. Unfortunately, we can’t give you any more specific timeframe at this moment. It shouldn’t be too long though!

Suggestion #5

Does the wishlist work only on 10 pulls or does it also work on a single draw? Does it work for Companion Points (Hearts) pulls?

The wishlist works with any kind of pulls no matter if it’s one or ten pulls at once. It works with Normal Scrolls, Faction Scrolls and Companion Point Draws. Keep in mind that some of them have a different hero pull rates, which remain unaffected.

Suggestion #6

My wishlist is full, yet I’m still getting Common (green) and Rare (blue) heroes!

As mentioned earlier, the wishlist does not change Hero draw rates or eliminate drawing Common or Rare Heroes. It comes in effect only when you’re lucky enough to draw an Elite hero.

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