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Developer Feedback – 20/12/2019

Each week, a select few game developers working on AFK Arena sit down and answer some of the most popular suggestions that were submitted on the official Discord server.

Suggestion #1

Can we please have an auto/manual button for each hero’s ult? It would be incredibly helpful to be able to have some heroes on auto and some on manual during a fight.

Recently, we have received a lot of similar feedback regarding this feature. Hence we have now decided to seriously consider implementing it to the game. Await more details about it in the future!

Suggestion #2

A huge pile of fodder as an option for event rewards.

We have already added blue hero cards for all of the factions to the latest Midwinter Festival as a reward for players to choose from, and plan to continue with it in the upcoming events!

Suggestion #3

Please add more guild stuff! Maybe something like guild wars, a guild boss that the whole guild does damage to over a week, etc. Also pls make it so at a certain level you can choose your own photo for your guild, thank you.

We have plans to add more guild related gameplay functions in the future – could be similar to the ongoing Midwinter Festival event (but obviously guild focused)!

Suggestion #4

Add a leaderboard (kind of like wall of legends) for guilds, there can be charts for most Soren damage, wrizz damage, level, etc.

Good idea, we will consider doing it in one of the upcoming updates! Stay tuned!

Suggestion #5

Make the rarity of celestial and hypogean gear proportionate the the rarity of heroes themselves

Pulling the factional equipment for Celestials and Hypogeans does not affect the probability of receiving gear for other factions.

Suggestion #6

There should be a button to auto collect all daily bounties.

We think that collecting rewards is an awesome experience, so we hope that players can manually collect it by themselves. Might reconsider if we get more similar feedback though!

Suggestion #7

Give us wings of Tasi frame in AFK Arena. That frame legit looks so beautiful.

Haha, if other players share the same feeling then we will consider adding it as a reward in one of the upcoming events!

Suggestion #8

Please add more heroes in the arena shop

We already have plans to add there more heroes! Stay tuned!

Suggestion #9

Please add username next to server name in the “Select Server.

This is a very good suggestion and we will optimize this feature as soon as possible

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