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Developer Feedback – 28/10/2019

Every week some of the game developers working on AFK Arena sit down and answer the most popular suggestions that were submitted on the official Discord server.

Suggestion #1

Increase the amount of gold, experience, hero essence, and other rewards that we are getting from the campaign, daily quests, and guild bosses.

Thanks for that suggestion! We are constantly working on improving the balance of AFK Arena and as such always look for the best solutions to make the game fun to play and rewarding. AFK Arena firstly is a casual game and our goal is to have the rewards balanced accordingly.

Suggestion #2

Please consider making it easier to get faction gear.

We believe that the faction gear is one of the last steps in improving your heroes combat efficiency. They are an endgame mechanic and therefore shouldn’t really be easy to obtain! We have however already implemented faction gear as rewards in the current Halloween Event. You can expect more similar chances to get specific faction gear that you might need.

Suggestion #3

Please remove Common (green) heroes from the game (or faction scrolls)!

We realize that many of you don’t see a big value in receiving common heroes, therefore we have already implemented different mechanics to make receiving them more meaningful – for example the Barracks and Hero Coins, automatic Rickety Cart and we plan to continue with those improvements.

That said, common heroes are crucial to the game’s balance and gameplay mechanics and currently there are no plans to remove them.

Suggestion #4

Allow us to pull more heroes using the Companion Points (Hearts)

AFK Arena is a casual game, and the reason behind only 2 possible heart pulls per day is motivated mainly because we don’t want to force each players to be active every single day. Mind that you can still accumulate all hearts from your friends and use them later.

Suggestion #5

Please change the arena rewards. They are so ridiculous I don’t even bother using my tickets.

AFK Arena in its core is a PvE and not a PvP game. When implementing the Arena feature we wanted the points that you gain there and the overall rank to be its own reward for the players. Arena’s function is to be a kind of a benchmark of your own abilities allowing you to see how they compare with other players.

There still however is a possibility of receiving The Pit Master’s Gift which contains really good rewards, including 3K Diamonds.

Suggestion #6

Please upgrade the wishlist. I don’t see how it’s working or how is it improving my chances of pulling the heroes that I need.

Thanks for the suggestion! We are trying to achieve that and work on upgrading the wishlist so that it will be clearer for everyone how and when does it work. Please stay tuned for that! We will soon announce more details on our social media.

Suggestion #7

Increase the droprates of purple heroes.

The current drop rates are essential to the game’s balance therefore are unlikely to change in the near future.

We want to assure you though, that we are still working on different mechanics that will help you get the heroes you require! One of such functions was the wishlist which future changes we addressed in the previous point. Just as a reminder – when you select a hero for your wishlist, new hero releases do not reduce the probability to draw that hero from your wish list. Also selecting only one hero in your wishlist does not increase the probability of receiving it compared to having the wishlist full.

Suggestion #8

Allow us to reset Signature Items!

Signature Items along with faction specific gear are an endgame mechanics that wasn’t designed to be reset. AFK Arena is a casual game and we didn’t intend for players to focus too much on changing their setup too often. Currently there are also multiple ways to get a lot of emblems for your Signature Items – form events, the Store and the Tavern.

Suggestion #9

There are not enough events. They are being released too slowly.

We hear you and are constantly working on many new and different events that will be steadily released in the game. Follow our social media to be the first to know their details!

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