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Developer Feedback – 30/09/2019

Every week some of the game developers working on AFK Arena sit down and answer the most popular suggestions that were submitted on the official Discord server.

Here’s this weeks suggestions and feedback!

Suggestion #1

Is there a way to make mail sent and received in game able to be partially or fully copy pasted by players? The mail system is good for sending announcements and updates to ensure all guild members get notified, but it’s difficult to work with mails with important links and redemption codes. In-game chat sometimes bugs out, so some messages sent don’t get read by everyone. Thanks!

Thank you for your suggestion! We will work on implementing it in the near future! Please look forward to it!

Suggestion #2

The icon from Legends Challengers Tournament indicating a player is from your guild should be expanded to all areas of the game. This allows prioritizing of mercenaries or adding friends who are in guild rather than random players. It also would ensure we don’t attack our guild in Arena.

Thanks for this suggestions! We will consider implementing such a mechanic to prioritize guild members and avoid fighting them on the arena.

Suggestion #3

Pls block these scammers! Make the global chat only available after level 30. Or at a certain goal that isn’t done in 1-2 days, these scammer diamond freaks are destroying the game chats

We are aware of the issues with the global chats in the game and are working now towards minimalizing their impact on your ingame experiance.

Suggestion #4

Add elite soulstones to the bounty quests.

Thanks for the suggestion. We are considering implementing it into the game.

Suggestion #5

Create the option to save multiple lineups so you can quickly switch between them for different missions, including items setup.

Thank you for that suggestion! We are already working on improving switching between different teams and options to save your favorite lineups.

Suggestion #6

Create filters for the exclamation points in the hero menu, so you can disable exclamation points for Signature Items and etc.

We are currently working on a good solution for this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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