Developer Update – July

The developers of AFK Arena regularly do an update post for current topics related to the game. Here's the July, 2020 edition!

The developers of AFK Arena regularly do an update post for current topics related to the game.

Here’s the July, 2020 edition!

Q: The Heroes Exclusive Furniture Abilities have gone down well, even the most unpopular Heroes are finally being used! But some of the Heroes abilities still leave much to be desired, are there plans to adjust and optimize them later?

A: We hoped that by adding the Exclusive Furniture Abilities we’d give players a fresher experience, making them use unpopular Heroes in specific playstyles or set-ups. I’m really happy that everyone got into it and understood this design when it went live. However, we noticed some of the Exclusive Furniture Abilities weren’t being used as intended, or they didn’t fit with typical player habits, so we decided that in future releases we’ll evaluate online data and player feedback and then make adjustments or even just redo any unsuitable Exclusive Furniture Abilities. Also, you can rest assured that once it goes live, only the impractical abilities will be changed, so don’t worry that your furniture abilities will be weakened. The current plan is to have a big overhaul of 3 Heroes Exclusive Furniture Abilities in the next update. These 3 heroes will all be from different Factions.

We can also unveil the follow-up plan. Certain unpopular Heroes Abilities are already lined-up for a rework, their Exclusive Furniture Skills will be re-evaluated during the overhaul. This includes 2 Mauler Heroes and 1 Lightbearer Hero.

Q: At present Furniture can only be summoned with Poe Coins, we’re hoping for more Poe Coins and perks!

A: In the future, we’ll be increasing the ways to obtain Poe Coins. Also, the personal rewards from the upcoming Misty Valley will also reward Poe Coins. This feature is still under development, so I’ll give you a quick run down: This feature contains several unlockable levels and each level has 3 challenges. Players can request support from each other to progress the challenges, and after completion the player gets various rewards including Poe Coins.

Once all levels are clear, you can also get customized rewards! The more you push on through the Main Campaign, the more rewards you can choose from! Based on current development progress, the Misty Valley is expected to go live in August so please wait for further updates!

Q: The increased resource output of Field of Stars was awesome! But it seems like those 3 Passes (Regal Rewards, Champions of Esperia and Twisted Bounties) aren’t as worthwhile as they used to be, will they also get a buff?

A: Firstly, we’re glad you like Field of Stars! We considered what direction to take with the Pass system and now we can divulge the details. In the next update we’re going to make changes to Pass rewards, the specific details of the scale and rules will be subject to official launch. At the same time, following those changes we will compensate you for any altered items including Free daily rewards and any unlocked Premium Pass items. This reworking and optimization is already lined up, we hope you’ll be patient with us again!

Q: After the Oak Inn went live it really felt like home! Will there by further optimization from now on? We’re looking forward to seeing more fun and interesting content at the inn!

A: The Oak Inn is pretty popular in Esperia, there’s something new happening every day and there’s plenty of rumors flying around. By reading the Heroes diary and letters to the player, you can find out about the fascinating occurrences and the many rumors circulating. We’re also improving the appearance of the inn, making them more lively and interesting, such as: enriching interactions between Heroes, more themed furniture skins and day and night cycle congruent with actual real-time. Highly anticipated quality of life changes underway include: furniture placement and decoration with just one touch, as well as auto-recycle.”

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