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Developer Update – May 20

The developers of AFK Arena regularly do a QnA session for current topics related to the game.

Here’s the may 20th edition!

Question #1

Some of the heroes’ animations have been changed, does this mean that their strength has also changed?

The main reason for the change in hero animations was mainly due to the original animations not meeting our own artistic standards. Over the last few months we’ve been gradually implementing new hero animations and models so that they are at a standard that the developers are happy with. I must stress, we definitely do not want to keep our players in the dark about any of the changes we make, no matter how big or small they may be. Regarding the effects of these animation optimizations, it’s possible that an ability’s animation time may have been slightly lengthened, thus, possibly and indirectly resulting in a hero being more powerful than they previously were. Admittedly, this was an oversight by our team, and for that we’d like to apologize. Animation changes are hard to avoid, but it has never been our intention to strengthen or weaken any heroes by making adjustments to their animations. Going forward, we will be paying very close attention to how hero abilities may be affected during the optimization process. As for the heroes that may have already been significantly affected by this animation optimization process, we indeed plan on rectifying these inadvertent changes. As always, your feedback is appreciated and welcomed. Feel free to leave a message with our customer service team and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

Question #2

The rewards for the Twisted Realm leaderboard aren’t very fair. Are there any plans to change this in the future?

We’ve been working on how the Twisted Realm divisions are determined and plan on implementing a change in our next update. One of the main issues that currently exists within the Twisted Realm is how the rewards work. Currently, a player may be on a high floor of the Twisted Realm but due to their rank suddenly falling, their rewards will become significantly reduced, despite them still being on a high floor. Therefore, we’ve adjusted the rank reward system for certain floors to help alleviate this issue. In future updates we’ll continue to tweak the Twisted Realm feature, to ensure a fairer and more level playing field for all of our players.

Question #3

Have the campaign’s enemy heroes gotten stronger as a result of balance changes?

It’s possible that the campaign stages which currently include Lyca and Estrilda may have indeed gotten more difficult. In the next update we intend to make suitable adjustments to the stages that include these two particular heroes and furthermore, for all future updates we plan on re-evaluating the difficulty of all the stages that include heroes which have been recently changed. Lastly, we’ll make sure to pay attention to any changes which are made to the more popular heroes of the game, simultaneously we’ll also be thinking of ways to increase the popularity of the lesser used heroes so that a greater variety of heroes may be used.

Question #4

When are we going to get more Peaks of Time adventures?

Apologies! We know that the Peaks of Time feature is a very popular part of the game! As of recently, we’ve been working on the Voyage of Wonders a fair bit, and as you know the Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders events are fairly similar to one another. Another factor that we’ve had to take into account is the current unlock requirements, which requires players to complete chapter 20 to unlock the Peaks of Time, whereas the Voyage of Wonders does not have such a constraint. So in short, the Voyage of Wonders is available to a larger audience than the Peaks of Time is, which results in more players being able to enjoy this aspect of the game. As for the Voyage of Wonders, we’ve poured our hearts into creating new and exciting adventures, yet as it stands now, there isn’t the opportunity to replay these adventures more than once, so we’re currently thinking of eventually implementing older Voyage of Wonders adventures into the Peaks of Time, thus, giving new players the chance to play the Voyage of Wonders adventures that they’d previously missed out on.

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