Developer Update – May

The developers of AFK Arena regularly do an update post for current topics related to the game. Here’s the may 30th edition!

The developers of AFK Arena regularly do an update post for current topics related to the game.

Here’s the May edition!

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Abbysal Expedition Developer Update

Hello everyone, I’m Hong Chen, one of the developers of AFK Arena. It’s my honor to represent the AFK design team in introducing a new gameplay mode launching soon: “Abyssal Expedition”.

Abyssal Expedition is a co-op feature we’ve been working on for the past few months. We hope players will get a “new ship” feel from it!

Speaking more literally, we hope to accomplish the following:

1.) Help players feel more connected with their Guildmates through increased interaction, bonding as they fight side-by-side;

2.) Allow everyone to more fully enjoy our diverse lineup of heroes and battle scenarios;

3.) Add rewarding new experiences without adding any sense of burden. After all, we designed this game to be relaxing, where you can make gains even when you’re offline. 😛

With hero diversity in mind, players’ starting formation heroes in Abyssal Expedition will use the same Martial Rating as in Heroes of Esperia to determine balance. At the same time, Blessed Relics dropped after battles will have very very very very very VERY good bonuses. As a result, even Elite+ heroes will be very powerful after matching up.

With cooperative play in mind, we strive to provide a lot of space to innovate and strategize with your fellow players. At the same time, we’re doing everything we can to avoid any design which could make players feel like they have to grind or stay online for long periods of time.

We hope players will be excited to try out AFK Arena’s newest game mode, and that they will enjoy this chance at co-op gameplay. Of course, we want to do everything we can to make AFK Arena the best game it can be, and welcome any comments or suggestions that can help us improve your experience.

Here are some rules that may be easily overlooked, hopefully everyone finds this helpful:

1.) Only Ascended Tier Heroes of Elite+ or higher quality can be used;

2.) The last player to destroy a gate defender will occupy the gate. An occupied gate is considered the equivalent of a Settlement. After giving up control of the gate, the new defender will be a common settlement enemy, and not the original boss;

3.) After fighting defenders, end-of-battle HP will persist, but energy will be reset. Additionally, HP remaining will not be preserved if the battle timer expires;

4.) Multiple players can fight the boss at the same time, but for demon minions and Settlement battles, only 1 player can fight at a time;

5.) Bosses and demon minions will not recover HP between fights, allowing you and your guildmates to take them on at your own pace;

6.) Any area you have not unlocked, once occupied by another player, can also function as a connected area.

7.) After fighting a world boss, the top 50 guilds (ranked by damage dealt to the boss) will be displayed on a leaderboard, but since this is the first run of the event, there will be no prizes for ranking.

Finally, we wish you all great fun and glory in the coming battles!

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