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Dev Updates – December

The developers of AFK Arena have taken the time to answer the most frequently asked questions from the community for December, 2020!

Q: After Chapter 30 of the Campaign, it feels like there’s not much to aim for and the rewards are quite limited, don’t you agree?

Dev: Jiang O

Going forward, in future we plan to develop a better progression experience for players, making the process of progressing more enjoyable. We will start with the following 3 aspects:

We’ll continue to create and introduce more chapters to the main campaign and, by doing so will smooth out the difficulty curves of the previous chapters, this will allow players to experience more content than was previously possible.

Next, we will raise the quantity of rewards. We’re currently balancing the resource output for late game players, and hope that by optimizing the Field of Stars feature, we can better improve the late game and contribute to an overall better campaign progression experience.

Lastly, is new content. We will continue designing new Class Exclusive Artifacts with the aim to create better synergies between heroes and artifacts.

Q: Increasing the number of floors of the Twisted Realm may lead to reductions in player rewards, thus, they won’t bother to raising the Resonating Crystal’s level, and will just give up on the campaign altogether.

Dev: V5

This is an unfortunate issue that we did not expect to see. Players shouldn’t have to stifle their progression by holding back on leveling up, so we’re seriously considering how to improve the design flaws regarding the Twisted Realm, which includes careful consideration of altering the rules to put a stop to this vicious cycle.

Q: There’s too much pressure on Militias looking to reach the top of the leaderboard during the Abyssal Expedition event.

Dev: Hong Chen

Over the last few seasons, we’ve noticed the top ranking Militias typically put in a lot of time and effort, but also that the pressure to compete for Honorable Statues and Frames is getting a bit much for board leaders. Taking into consideration
season frequency, we have decided the threshold for obtaining Season 3 Honorable Statues and Frames will change from the top 1/10/100 to 3/30/100. We hope it will allow players to enjoy working together more through this Abyssal Expedition.

Q: During the OVERLORD crossover, one of the heroes had an 85% discount. Will future crossover heroes also be available at such a discount?

Dev: Su Mu

We gave this a try to see what the results would be like, and the player comments online have been pretty good! A lot of them are asking that we offer this kind of discount again for future crossover events. As a result, we’re pleased to announce we have already been in talks with several other IP owners about future crossovers events and have agreed t at, if multiple characters are available during a certain crossover event, players can enjoy an 85% discount on the first hero they purchase. Meanwhile, we’ll also be changing the sales rules and descriptions of the current Dimensional Heroes as soon as possible. More details about which will be announced later.

Q: What will happen to the Battle of Blood in the future?

Dev: Su Mu

After the Battle of Blood event went live, we could feel a lot of enthusiasm from players and received a lot of feedback, with some of the feedback also highlighting its shortcomings. At the moment, we’re in the middle of optimizing it and fairly soon we aim to introduce everyone to a newer iteration of the Battle of Blood. We’re hoping to make it a better experience!

As well as that, we felt quite inspired whilst working on the Battle of Blood. A new, fairer and more interesting tactical experience is in the works, so please look out for that!

Q: Which Heroes are set be adjusted in the future?

Dev: Cauchy

In the next few version releases, we intend to make adjustments to some of the unpopular characters

For example, has good which have low usage rates. Antandra of the Maulers. She’s endurance but her other characteristics are lacking, making it hard to put her with other heroes as there’s a lack of synergy. When we make the changes, we’ll try to give her some characteristics other than just damage output and self-regeneration/healing, making it easier for players to pair her with other heroes.

Another example is when a hero’s Ultimate ability doesn’t have as much a benefit as their basic abilities, in which case we’ll need to make adjustments to their Ultimates.

As for some popular Heroes, players usually have a strong motivation to obtain and strengthen their Signature Items or Exclusive Furniture, since these heroes are used more often. However, some of their Signature Item skills or Exclusive Furniture abilities are actually quite weak and may be a poor match for the hero themselves. In light of these currently unsuitable designs, we aim to adjust them in future releases.

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