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Developer Q&A – July, 2021

Q: After the disclosure of the new “Eternal Engraving” feature on the test server, a lot of people are asking have the thresholds and material requirements been set too high?

Clara (Dev):

The max level limit for Celestials, Hypogeans and Dimensionals is set to level 100, whereas the other four factions have a level limit of 80. Also, there are numerous ways to obtain Eternal Engravings resources for free, such as playing the Misty Valley, Voyage of Wonders, Twisted Bounties, Champions of Esperia and so on. Everyone can get hold of rewards for free by actively participating in these events. It is suggested that players take their time when accumulating these resources, there is no rush!

We’d like to share with you a tip. Skills and attributes are mainly concentrated within the first 60 levels. We suggest giving priority to first improving heroes that need it most, in order to ensure the best use of resource utilization.

Lastly, we’d like to add that it was not our intention to burden players with more difficult choices and decisions, thus, the main purpose of the Eternal Engraving system is to strengthen hero abilities which already exist. Ānyone who has an idea is welcome to let us know. As for your concerns about upcoming content, we will answer them in more detail in the next question.

Q: Aside from the Engraving system, does the development team have any plans for any new game modes? Adding more game modes is most important!

KUN (Dev):

Of course! Everyone’s feedback has been very helpful to us all the time, and recently, the dev team has been working hard on creating some medium to large scale, innovative game modes that we hope will bring you a new kind of gaming experience.

For example, in August we’re planning to roll out a new game mode, wherein players can produce resources on islands, build their own fortifications, invite friends to garrison the fortifications, and plunder resources from other people’s islands. Also, the most anticipated Abyssal Expedition is also being optimized. In early September, we wilI launch a new version of the Abyssal Expedition. This time, we will be adding a support function for battles, while also reducing the difficulty of the casual expedition mode.

We can also reveal to you that we are currently preparing a team based PvP game mode, as well as a mysterious seasonal system game mode. After receiving your feedback on the Engraving system, we will be pushing out even more events wherein players can get their hands on even more rewards and benefits!

Q: The Lightbearers are generally very underpowered right now. Are there any plans to change this in the future?

Cappuccino (Dev):

We are well aware that a lot of players have been discussing the Lightbearer’s “weakness” recently, and going forward we will continue to pay attention to this issue by combining player data and actual in-game numerical data. Each faction has their own unique design and style, so we wanted to maintain these respective differences in accordance with the game’s storyline, while simultaneously striving to maintain balance between each faction. In future versions, attempts will be made to reduce the perceived weakness of the Lightbearers by broadening and amplifying their hero designs.

New Lightbearer heroes are in the works and will be introduced in the near future. Hopefully the addition of new heroes will bring more possibilities and flexibility to the Lightbearer faction.

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