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Egg Hunters Event

A brand new event is coming for Easter!

The goal of the event is to collect Easter Eggs from doing various activities in-game and then trading the eggs for rewards.

You’ll be able to collect eggs for 8 days, and then have an extra 2 days beyond that to turn in any extra eggs you have.

Eggs cannot be traded once the event is over, and will likely be removed like the previous seasonal events.

How to get Easter Eggs

These are the drop locations:

Wondering what the “Praetorian Labyrinth Stages” are? They’re basically the harder enemies in the Labyrinth which have a red flag. You’ll probably get on average 4 per floor.

There will also be purchasable gift sets that contain eggs, but we won’t know what they contain or how much they cost until the actual event begins.

How Many Can You Get?

Credit to the Official AFK Arena Discord for this info and image!


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