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Voyage – Forgotten Ruins

Forgotten Ruins is a brand new adventure in the Voyage of Wonders.

Here’s some visual guides to completing 100% of the map.

Map Guide by Raiders

Follow the numbers in order.

25: Defeat the Camp.
26 + 28 + 31: Use the Red Lever.
27: Stand on the platform before using the Red Lever.

The map doesn’t need to be reset if you make a mistake.

(Click for larger image)


A sunken land, a fallen temple. The pure white Divine Light fades with each passing day. The beleaguered souls of the dead saw the light once more and surged towards it while they still had the chance. A small corner of the region reveals a place of great divinity that has since fallen into obscurity, and over time become forgotten.

Emissaries of the Light have arrived in the area to seek out any traces of mankind’s forgotten past.

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