Guild Wars Event

Guild Wars is a special time limited event in AFK Arena. The minimum requirements for a guild to participate is level 2 or higher and at least 10 members.

Guild Wars is a special time limited event in AFK Arena.

The minimum requirements for a guild to participate is level 2 or higher and at least 10 members.

1.16 Changes

In patch 1.16, the guild wars event had some changes made to it. Now it basically has the same rules and mechanics as the Legends’ Championship, except heroes scale to 160 and it requires Elite ascension heroes instead of Ascended.

  • Common heroes cannot be used.
  • All heroes will scale to level 160 and will start with mythic tier gear.
  • All union buffs will be active.
  • Faction advantages are disabled.
  • No artifacts or gear enhancements.

Everything is set automatically, you just have to choose which formation of heroes to choose. Gear does not have to be equipped.

Stage 1: Enrollment

If your guild is eligible, a guild master or deputy can start the event by pressing the “Enroll” button.

Any guild member can enroll via the “Join” button. Enrollment will take 48 hours to complete.

Stage 2: Matchmaking

Once enrollment is completed, the guild will be placed into a matchmaking queue until an evenly matched guild is found for the war. This will take 1 hour to complete.

Stage 3: Battle

After the matchmaking has finalized, the battle stage will begin. This is a best-of-five competition with the first round lasting 23 hours, and the following 4 rounds last 24 hours each.

Each player can have 3 different team formations per battle. They can only challenge players that are currently ranked higher than themselves.

Everyone begins with 3 battle tickets, and it requires one ticket to start a battle with an enemy player.

Battle Round Scoring

The scores are based on the highest position every member of each guild was able to reach during a round.


Due to the way the scoring works, the guild with the most active members will generally always win. It doesn’t really matter if they aren’t the most powerful, because it’s the lowest ranked players that have the highest scoring potential for their team.

It’s a little bit backwards, but essentially the lowest powered members of both guilds are the ones that will be earning most of the points for their guild.

Activity is key

The key to winning is having a very active roster, as every single member can add a decent amount of points to the round score.

Hold the door.. I mean positions

Having high powered players in the top spots will still help though, as it will block the other guild members from earning the maximum points per round.

In general, holding the positions at the end of each round (except the last) is also very important as the rankings will carry over to the next round. The guild will instantly earn points based on the final positions of the previous round.

Save your attacks

A good strategy is to have guild members wait until the round is nearly over to use their attacks. Then if they win their battles they’ll automatically start in a higher position in the next round and instantly earn more points for the guild.

(Alt)ternative solution

If you’re struggling to get enough active members for the guild wars, consider making an alt account and join the guild with it. You can then use it for the guild wars.


The current rewards from this event are: Gold for Round Rewards, and Common Hero Scrolls for Victory Rewards.

Yeah… that’s it. They’re not great rewards, so you’re not missing out on much if your guild loses or you’re not even in one.


Many millennia ago the God of Life, Dura and the God of Death, Annih once came to blows on this very land, both vying for dominance, however there could only be one victor. Now many years later the horns of war can be heard once again, but this time the champions of Esperia are fighting for honor and prestige!

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