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Hotfixes: 9th March, 2019

A new round of hotfixes have been applied to servers. It’s mostly bug fixes for issues that have occurred after patch 1.14.01.

All players have been compensated with 300 diamonds for updating.


Improved the description for “Star Cards” which can be used at the Stargazer.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem that would cause the main screen to be displayed incorrectly after the game had been running in the background for some time.

Fixed an unresponsive message issue that was affecting messages being sent from the friends page for iOS users.

Fixed a bug that caused the screen to turn black for a short duration when entering the “Noble Tavern”.

Fixed a visual error affecting the bottom rotatable banner of the “Noble Tavern”

Fixed a visual error affecting the images of the two new unions “Castellans” and “The Lightbringers”.

Fixed a bug that caused a “You don’t belong to a guild” error to falsely be displayed after directly using the “Bootcamp” feature.

Fixed a problem causing “Vurk” to sometimes disappear from the screen when he shouldn’t have.

Fixed a problem that was preventing “Advancement Rewards” event from disappearing after having already completed it.

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