AFK Arena Lightbearers Faction Guide

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The Lightbearers are a faction of heroes in AFK Arena.

They’re strong against Maulers, and weak against Graveborn.


Oscar is a melee assassin that uses his knives to teleport and slice enemies up.RangerDPSLightbearersBackEye, Call, BladeNoStrength

Cecilia is a melee assassin with high single target damage.RangerDPSAthaliaAnyEye, Blade, CallNoStrength

Rigby is a tank that can deal AoE damage.WarriorTankLightbearersFrontGrace, Vitality, DrapeNoStrength

Gwyneth is a ranged hero that shoots enemies down with her bow. She's more powerful when allies are near her on the battlefield. Extremely high burst damage potential.RangerDPS, DebufferArthurBackEyeNoStrength

Rosaline is a very unique hero that will follow her strongest ally in battle to heal and buff them.SupportSupport, HealerShemira, Athalia, BrutusBackCallNoIntelligence

Rowan uses his gold coins to grant allies energy and stun enemies. He can also drop health potions for allies.SupportSupport, HealerLightbearersBackCallNoIntelligence

Hendrik is a very durable and CC heavy tank. He can also protect one backline ally from fatal damage once per battle.TankTank, CCLightbearers, Strong Mages/RangedFrontGraceNoStrength

Lucius is a strong support/tank hybrid. He can heal and shield allies, but still take a beating on the frontline. Damage output is low though.TankTank (Heal, Shield)Nemora, BrutusFrontCall, Grace, VitalityYesStrength

Belinda is a magic caster that can buff her allies with crit and deal high AoEburst damage to enemies.MageDPS (AoE, Buffer)Raine, Lyca, Estrilda, ThaneBackEyeYesIntelligence

Fawkes is a ranged DPS that can remove buffs & apply debuffs to enemies. He can also lock an enemy inside a coffin for up to 9 seconds, completely taking them out of the battle.RangerDPS (CC)LightbearersBackCall, Eye, Blade, ConvictionYesAgility

Estrilda can provide energy regen & damage reduction for her allies. She's also capable of decent burst damage.WarriorDPS (Buffer, Burst)Belinda, Raine, ShemiraAnyGrace, Eye, VitalityYesStrength

Thane is a glass cannon melee DPS that relies heavily on critical strikes. His ultimate makes him immune to all damage, but he's fairly fragile before level 141.RangerDPSBelinda, Raine, BrutusAnyEyeYesAgility

Raine is a strong Support/DPS hero that can increase the damage taken by heroes and regen allies energy. Her ult can snowball games, but she's pretty useless on her own.SupportSupport, DPSShemira, Belinda, Silvina, Estrilda, LycaBackCallYesAgility

Hogan is a high HP tank with some decent CC that can be applied quickly. His damage is lacking though compared to other tanks.TankTank (CC)Nemora, Angelo, NumisuFrontGrace, VitalityYesStrength

Mirael is an anti-magic hero with decent AoE burst damage.MageDPSRaineBackEye, Blade, Call, ConvictionYesIntelligence

Morvus is a ranged DPS with high sustain AoE damage. He can stun enemies and finish off weak ones.RangerDPSRaine, BelindaBackEye, Blade, Call, ConvictionYesAgility

Angelo is one of the few pure healers in the game. His heals are quite weak and he does no damage, but his silence can be useful sometimes.SupportSupport (Heal, Silence)TanksBackCallYesIntelligence

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