Magician Hat & Grotesque Mage Event

Two new connected events will be arriving in AFK Arena soon! As of now, it lasts for 2 weeks. Only 12 days of that will reward currency though. The featured event boss this time is the “Grotesque Mage” and he can be challenged once per day. A currency called ... Read more

Two new connected events will be arriving in AFK Arena soon! As of now, it lasts for 2 weeks. Only 12 days of that will reward currency though.

The featured event boss this time is the “Grotesque Mage” and he can be challenged once per day. A currency called “Arcane Scrolls” can be obtained from dealing damage to him. They can also be obtained from daily quest chests.

Arcane Scrolls can be used to draw random rewards from the “Magician’s Hat” in the Arcane Room. Every 10 pulls will reward another currency called “Circus Medal“. These medals can be exchanged for heroes and a few other rewards.

How Much Currency Can You Get?

Arcane Scrolls:

  • The maximum amount from the Grotesque Mage per day is 100.
  • The maximum amount from daily quests per day is 125.
  • The maximum amount from Voyage of Wonders is 600 in total.
  • This leaves a maximum of 3,300 total from the event.

Circus Medals:

3,300 Arcane Scrolls converts to 110 Circus Medals.

This is enough for one free copy of a Celestial or Hypogeon hero (90 medals).

These calculations do not include the event deals, which basically unlock an almost unlimited amount of currency. If you want to get a little extra, the cheapest pack is $1 for 60 Arcane Scrolls per day.

Boss Strategy & Teams

Grotesque Mage will disappear after your heroes have cast 6 ultimates. This means that you’ll have to turn auto off and manually cast ultimates a maximum of 5 times in the fight.

The usual good combo for this is either Shemira + Rosaline, or Shemira + Twins.

  • Ultimate Rotation – Shemira > Rosaline > Shemira x3.
  • Ultimate Rotation – Shemira x3, Twins x2 (Use them asap).

Saurus is also good for this fight as most of his damage doesn’t come from his ultimate. He can even solo it. However, it may require high ascension / SI.

Teams comps that have worked:

  • Shemira, Rosaline, Twins, Rowan, Belinda
  • Shemira, Rosaline, Lyca, Rowan, Belinda
  • Eironn, Rosaline, Lyca, Talene, Gwyneth
  • Wukong, Lyca, Belinda, Rowan, Twins
  • Cecilia, Lyca, Belinda, Rowan, Twins
  • Cecilia, Warek, Belinda, Rowan, Twins
  • Twins, Lorsan, Rosaline, Rowan, Belinda
  • Baden, Twins, Rosaline, Shemira, Rowan
  • Rowan, Belinda, Lorsan, Rosaline, Cecilia
  • Shemira, Rowan, Belinda, Rosaline, Baden
  • Belinda, Rosaline, Wukong, Talene, Twins
  • Rosaline, Wukong, Shemira, Cecilia, Ferael

Event Rewards

Circus Medals:

Image Credit: u/SimplyFail on Reddit.

Arcane Scrolls:

Magician Hat Rules

By Completing daily tasks whilst participating in the Grotesque Mage event, players can obtain Magic Tickets.

Players in the Magician’s Hall can use Magic Tickets to obtain random rewards.

Players are awarded Circus Medals according to the number of draws made. Circus Medals can be exchanged at the Gift Cart for fabulous prizes.

Magic Tickets will be recalled for 9k Gold Coins per ticket once the event has concluded.

Grotesque Mage Rules

Players will have the opportunity to challenge the Grotesque Mage once per day.

Players are awarded Magic Tickets according to the amount of damage done to the Grotesque Mage.

Players can use Magic Tickets to obtain random rewards at the Magician’s Hall.

The Grotesque Mage’s difficulty will be determined by each player’s own combat rating.

Players can choose to repeat battles without the deduction of any battle attempts, however the rewards earned in the previous battle will subsequently disappear.

Grotesque Mage Skills


Electric Spark

Normal attacks shoot a bolt of lightning which ignores summons and prioritizes targets in formation order. Lightning bolts will end if they reach a certain length or after dealing damage 20 times. When a target is hit by the lightning, their attack power will be reduced by 7% for 5 seconds. Attack debuff duration is calculated separately for each time a target is hit by lightning.

Escape Plan

Magically escapes from the battlefield after enemies have used ultimates 6 times, ending the battle instantly.

Phantom Magic

Damage the entire enemy team and create a phantom which removes most buffs from enemies, gaining any attribute bonuses the buffs granted. Damage taken by the phantom does not count towards total damage dealt.

Lore: Magician Hat

Periodically, the Megamouth Shark Troupe will tour the Royal capital Savannah for half a month. These packed tours attract people from all over sending ticket prices skyrocketing. Performances include knife juggling, fire-breathing, trapeze artists and the ever-thrilling Magic Hat trick.

Lore: Grotesque Mage

Kuilin City is recognized as Esperia’s capital of arts. Opera, painting and music blend together harmoniously to create the city’s atmosphere, giving rise to countless artforms and great fame, becoming a resplendent jewel in the field of the arts. No matter if it’s Prince Leicester, Kuilin City’s high society, or the commoners, everyone has artist sensibilities.

The passion and inclusiveness of the Kuilin City folk have for art has attracted performance artists from all over the world. The city has a large number of big theaters and, as well the famous Megamouth Shark Troupe, there are hundreds more from all over showing off their unique skills on the stage. Among them is the one known as Gaston “There’s no magic in the world I can’t do” the Master Mage.

It’s a full-house at the Golden Theatre. Master Gaston holds his breath as he prepares to “sever” his head from his body. This performance would prove to be the most terrifying show in history. The process of rejoining the head to the body never came. One moment were waves of applause, a moment later becoming a torrent of screams. Green-eyed and ringlet-curls of blonde, a handsome skull rolls down the gorgeous stage. The entire audience was terrified. A lady in the front row saw the rolling head with her own eyes and even caught it in her arms, she’s still in hospital repeating crazy nonsense about ghosts and spirits.

Kuilin City’s semi-official Arts Review Journal reports the story with the huge headline, “Major Mistake! Master Magician Perishes Instantly!” However, compared with the heart-wrenching audience descriptions, relatively few people catch the final line: After chaos that night, the body of the deceased mage strangely vanished.

In any case, it wasn’t long before Kuilin City’s resident’s attention to this “accident” was drowned out by other more exciting news. People eulogize art, pursue hotspots, not caring for that which cannot be seen, like gangrene on the city’s bones, lingering in it’s shadows.

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