One Year Anniversary Event

A new event for AFK Arena's one year global anniversary is coming soon!

A new event for AFK Arena’s one year global anniversary is coming soon!

It will be 4 different mini-events all released together at the same time.

The new dimensional hero Ukyo should be released as well. He’ll be free for 7 days, but then much be purchased to keep.

One Year Anniversary

This is the event specific to the One Year Anniversary.

You’ll receive a special “One Year Anniversary” player frame:

And one free Elite hero, out of a choice of 5:

Then for the next 6 days you’ll receive one special reward a day:

The Soul Reaver

You fight the boss once a day and earn currency depending on how much damage you deal to him.

The maximum amount of flowers that can be obtained per day from the boss is 100.

Recommended Azmonath Team

Shemira (front)
Lucius (front)

Very limited testing as it’s not released on global servers yet, but this standard team obtained 100 flowers from the boss.

Wu Kong seems to be a decent hero to use as well.

Azmonath Skills

These are the skills for the boss.


Infernal Surge

Azmonath summons lightning bolts against the 2 weakest enemies. Damage dealt by this ability is increased the lower Azmonath's health falls and each time Azmonath loses 20% of his max health, an additional lightning bolt is added to the attack.

Soul Erosion

Azmonath curses an enemy that has already used their ultimate ability, causing them to lose 20% health every second until the end of the battle.

Soul Reaver

Azmonath reaves the soul of an enemy whose health is currently lower than 30%, causing them to immediately die. Each time Azmonath uses this ability, the damage he receives is decreased by 25% until the end of the battle.
In-Game Rules

Players will have the opportunity to challenge Azmonath once per day.

Players will be able to acquire the event items the ‘Vibrant Bloom’ flowers by inflicting damage upon Azmonath.

Vibrant Bloom flowers may be exchanged for a multitude of rewards.

Azmonath’s difficulty will be determined by each player’s own combat rating.

Players can choose to repeat battles without the deduction of any battle attempts, however the rewards earned in the previous battle will subsequently disappear.

Verdant Valley

This event is where you can spend your currency earned from The Soul Reaver. It can also be earned from AFK rewards.

You can pick a single reward, and then it will be randomly assigned to a tile. The tiles can be flipped by spending currency.

These are the heroes that can be obtained:

Spring Bloom

This event is for the new Tasi skin.

You’ll need to complete 15 quests to unlock her new skin. All of the quests can be done at the same time.

1Share new or summoned Heroes on Facebook 5 times24 Hours of Gold
2Acquire 1 Elite Lightberarer Hero During the Event24 Hours of Gold
3Send 100 Companion Points8 Hours of Hero's Essence
4Defeat 10 Lightbearer Heroes in the Arena of Heroes (Excludes Legends’ Championship and Challenger events)24 Hours of Gold
5Defeat Labyrinth Bosses 9 Times8 Hour of Hero's Essence
6Acquire 1 Elite Graveborn Hero During the Event 24 Hours of Gold
7Defeat 10 Graveborn Heroes in the Arena of Heroes (Excludes Legends’ Championship and Challenger events)24 Hours of Gold
8Acquire 1 Elite Mauler Hero During the Event 24 Hours of Gold
9Use Fast Rewards 10 Times8 Hours of Hero's Essence
10Acquire 1 Elite Wlder Hero During the Event24 Hours of Gold
11Participate in 15 Guild Hunts 24 Hours of Gold
12Defeat 10 Mauler Heroes in the Arena of Heroes (Excludes Legends’ Championship and Challenger events) 24 Hours of Gold
13Acquire All Rewards in the Voyage of Wonders 24 Hours of Gold
14Defeat 10 Wilder Heroes in the Arena of Heroes (Excludes Legends’ Championship and Challenger events) 24 Hours of Gold
15Make a Purchase Worth Any Amount300 Diamonds
In-Game Rules

Players can complete quests on the event page in exchange for a variety of rewards.

Every completed quest will further your progression towards unlocking a new gemstone. If a complete row or column of quests are completed, a gemstone will be unlocked and you may claim the rewards it holds within.

Complete all quests to acquire Tasi’s Exclusive Skin: The Spring Bloom

Event Lore

The time to celebrate the end of the enduring winter has finally arrived. New saplings adorn Almus’ long branches and Solise has crafted her good friend, Ira, a beautiful garland. Ogi has awoken from his long hibernation and Kaz, Nemora and Tasi have all come out to play.

As always, Tasi suggests a game of hide and seek. The game which she is of course, the best at. “It’s my turn to hide!” Tasi said, and before anyone could even react she was gone. They searched high and low for little Tasi but still, no luck. “She was hiding on one of Almus’ branches last time.” Kaz spoke, exasperatedly.

“And the time before that, she was hidden in Arden’s beard! By the time we’d found her it was already summer!”

Nemora piped up.

“Relax, Nemora.” Ira said.

“The new clothing Solise weaved for Tasi is bright and vibrant. She made it for just this very reason! We’ll find her in no time.”

“Well then, let’s get a move on!”

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