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Patch 1.17.01: Undocumented Changes

When large updates get released in games there is usually some undocumented changes that never make it into the patch notes. If you’ve ever played MMOs such as WoW then you’re probably pretty accustomed to this kind of thing.

This is a list of all undocumented changes that were not in the official patch 1.17.01 patch notes. If you’ve spotted anything else, let us know!

Undocumented Changes: 1.17.01

New Union Added

A new union has been added called “The Sisterhood”. It consists of Safiya and Ankhira.

New VIP Levels Added

Three new VIP levels have been added. 16, 17, & 18.

(You might have to be VIP 15+ to see them).

Misc Changes

There is now a “!” notification on the Resonating Crystal building once you have enough resources to level it up (this might not be new, but I’m pretty sure it is).

Parts of the “Legends’ Championship” UI has been made to be a bit more pretty and clear.

The “Fast Rewards” icon has been changed.

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