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The Fractured Gallery

The Fractured Gallery is a brand new adventure in the Voyage of Wonders.

Map Guide

Here’s a visual guide to completing 100% of the map.

(Click for larger image)


It takes 2 runs to collect all of the chests.

Teleporting to the wrong island will likely mean you need to restart the map as there’s no going back.

The new debuff relics can make fights become quite hard, especially for newer players.


Hero Choice Chest:
(Elite copy)

  • Oscar
  • Vurk
  • Nara
  • Flora
  • Saurus
  • 10 Faction Scrolls

2000k Gold
Rare Hero Soulstone x360
Amplifying Emblem x20
Primordial Emblem x20
Emblem Choice Chest x10
Common Hero Scroll x10
Large Crate of Hero EXP x2
Large Crate of Hero’s Essence x8


The Fractured Gallery is the sole pathway to ancient miracles.

Yet, it is wrought with curses, and within it exists an a barrier that is difficult to surmount.

The Fractured Gallery exists to protect the miracles behind it.

It curses all those who wish to pass through it and peer into the miracles.

The “secret treasure” hidden in the Fractured Gallery lures avaricious, risk-taking explorers into disorientation, causing them to become lost, or even leading them to their demise, as they venture deeper and deeper..

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