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The Misty Valley Event

The Misty Valley is a recurring event in AFK Arena. It is a temporary adventure located in the Voyage of Wonders that lasts for 31 days.

The event is unlocked after you reach chapter 17.

Stage Formation Help

Certain stages can be a little challenging, especially in the latest Misty Valley. here’s some team comps that have worked for the harder gold challenges.

The hardest stages this time seem to be stage 9 & 10:

Stage 9 – Achieve victory in battle within 15 seconds.
Stage 10 – Kill 2 Frontline enemies first during battle.

StageGold Team


Standard Gwyneth Team. May require her to be +30 SI.


5-Pull Meta Team. Skriath 3/9 furniture required.


Eironn/Gwyneth Burst. Lorsan link on enemy Thoran.


5-Pull Meta Team. Skriath 3/9 furniture required.


5-Pull Meta Team Variant. Skriath 3/9 furniture required.


Eironn + Ainz Burst.


Saurus God Comp.


Mortas/Saurus God Comp.




There are 20 stages in the valley, but they’re time-gated and only one new stage will unlock each day. After 20 days, all of them will be available.

Each stage has a single team of 5 enemies that scale to your own strength.

Enemies can be challenged as many times as you like, however once a new stage unlocks your heroes will start with 0 energy and full health again.

Help can also be requested from other people at a cost of 100 diamonds, however only the stone challenge can be completed.


Every stage has 3 different additional challenges to complete — “Stone“. “Silver” & “Gold“.

The stone challenge is simply to defeat the enemies.

The silver challenges usually requires using a certain amount of heroes in a faction.

The gold challenge can vary from requiring specific heroes in the formation, to things such as limiting how many times ultimate can be used etc.

Required Heroes for Gold

Mercenaries can be used for this as well, so make sure you have some nice friends!

Stage 4: Kren & Skreg
Stage 8: Pippa & Oden
Stage 12: Silas & Athalia
Stage 16: Mezoth & Satrana


There are various rewards that can be collected on the map, as well select-able rewards from the final treasure trove on an island that can be teleported to.

In order to claim the final rewards, all 20 stages must be completed. The amount of reward slots in the treasure trove is available is based on the players’ campaign progression. The highest requirement is to complete chapter 31.


Due to the unusual tides in this region, few have actually seen the Misty Valley with their own eyes. For the valley only surfaces when the sea recedes. As a result of the strange magnetic interference from the world’s poles, the tide acts in an erratic manner, leaving those that wish to explore the valley a very short window of time to do so. The buccaneers of the high seas, knowing of the obscurity that the erratic tides and misty clouds could provide, decided that this would be a prime location to store their ill-gotten gains, as in their minds, only those with a death wish would dare venture into such a treacherous region.

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