Update 1.11 Patch Notes

Patch 1.11 was a major update to AFK Arena. Here's the full patch notes for it.

Patch 1.11 was a major update to AFK Arena.

It was released on December 13th, 2018.

Here’s the full patch notes for it.

New Heroes

Added the new Mauler hero Numisu – The All Seer.

Added the new Graveborn hero Ferael – Doomwhisper.

New “Peaks of Time” Building

New structure “Peaks of Time” added to the Dark Forest that includes 4 new adventures, which can be unlocked by progressing within the campaign.

New “Artifact” Equipment

Added artifacts, a new type of equipment that can greatly increase a hero’s fighting ability.

New Chapters

Added four new campaign chapters: Chapters 17-20.

New Lore

Added lore and background information for some of the in-game buildings.

Added background stories and lore for each chapter.

New Language Features

Added separate language chatrooms based on the player’s selected game language.

Added two new languages: Italian and Polish.

Misc Changes

You can now check other players’ hero information from within the Arena and friends list.

Made the following adjustments to the Labyrinth:

  • Reworked the old version of relics and added many new relics.
  • Relics can now be acquired after every battle. Different monsters will drop different types of relics.
  • Optimized the generation of labyrinth structures and made them more apparent.
  • Optimized enemy battle formations.

The highest and lowest hero on the Crystal Pentagram can no longer have a level disparity of more than 40 levels.

Common heroes of a mismatching faction will no longer be summoned when using faction scrolls to summon a certain faction’s heroes.

Library Tokens have been removed from the Library and replaced with a progression bar. Once the bar reaches 100%, players can summon one hero from four of the available factions.

The “Leave Guild” option has now been moved to the main guild interface.

Auto selecting gear for gear enhancement will now enhance gear in increments of one star per time.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem causing the number of “attempts” remaining to be incorrectly deducted when team hunting.

Fixed a problem causing the order of servers in the server list to be reversed when switching servers.

Fixed a problem preventing the correct value for union bonus attributes not taking effect in battle for some unions.

Changed the way union bonus attributes are calculated. New attribute values are now higher than the previous version’s.

Fixed a problem that caused the message “Failed to add friend” to appear when ignoring a player.

Fixed a bug that would sometimes display a message stating the King’s Tower had already been completed when it had not.

Fixed a bug that prevented Labyrinth boss rewards from being displayed.

Fixed a problem causing red update markers to appear on the Arena’s “Records” button, even though there were no new records to be seen.

Fixed a problem causing the incorrect hero level to be displayed in battle statistics when a hero’s level was being raised by the pentagram.

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