Update 1.17 Patch Notes

Here's the full patch notes for update 1.17.

Update 1.17 was a major patch for AFK Arena.

It was released on May 20th, 2019.

Here’s the full patch notes for it.

New Heroes

Added the new Wilder hero: Eironn – Stormsword (Agility Hero)

Added the new Mauler hero: Safiya – Daughter of the Desert (Intelligence Hero)

New Hero Wishlist Feature

Added the new hero ‘Wishlist’ feature that allows players to add their desired heroes to the wishlist, increasing the chances of those heroes being summoned from regular and factional hero sets (Does not affect the odds of Legendary heroes).

In-game Info:
  1. You can add up to 5 heroes per faction to your hero wishlists for a total of 20 heroes.
  2. Elite heroes have a greater chance of matching your wishlist heroes if any Elite heroes are produced however the overall odds of Elite heroes being produced is not affected.
  3. Removing all heroes and leaving only one hero in the wishlist will not increase the odds of that hero being produced.
  4. Hypogean and Celestial heroes cannot be added to wishlists.
  5. When selecting heroes for your wishlists, newly added heroes will have the word “New” displayed on their portraits, to help you more easily find and add the newest heroes to your wishlists.

The wording is a bit confusing, but it seems like you can place one hero in the wishlist and it will work, but the increased chance won’t multiply because there’s less heroes in the wishlist.

New Campaign Chapters

Added two new campaign chapters:

  • Chapter 26 – Blazerock
  • Chapter 27 – Preying Jungles

New Adventures

Added two new adventures to the Peaks of Time:

  • The Savage Wastes (Requires Stage 16-4 completed)
  • The Solar Plane (Requires Stage 17-4 completed)

New Artifacts

Added two new artifacts:

  • Dura’s Chalice of Vitality
  • Dura’s Conviction

New Regal Rewards Feature

Added a new reward feature called ‘Regal Rewards’ wherein rewards can be unlocked by completing daily and weekly quests.

You’ll earn “Medals of Valor” from completing daily and weekly quests. Collected a certain amount of medals will unlock a new tier of rewards. The basic rewards are Rare Hero Soulstones.

However, you can also purchase a “Premium Pass” that will unlock additional rewards per tier. These rewards are Elite Hero Soulstones & Diamonds.

In-game Info:
  1. Regal Rewards become available 8 days after the creation of a new account profile.
  2. Regal Rewards is a time-limited reward system which lasts for 49 days.
  3. More Regal Rewards can be unlocked by using Medals of Valor, which can be acquired from the ‘Dailies’ and ‘Weeklies’ quest chests.
  4. Any regal rewards that do not get collected before the event has concluded will be sent to players via the in-game mail system.

New Battle Wager Feature

Added the new ‘Battle Wager’ feature to the Legends’ Championship tournament that allows players to double their gold by betting gold on the players they think will win.

In-game Info:
  1. Players are able to place battle wagers on Legends’ Championship competitors. All players are able to choose a competitor to support in each round of the tournament whom they think will be victorious. If the competitor that they supported is victorious, then the player wins the bet. If the competitor they supported loses, the player in turn loses the bet. Players that are competing in the tournament finals may only support themselves.
  2. The choice of competitors available to bet on are determined by the game’s system. The system will prioritize competitors that share the same guild or same language as the player that is placing the bet.
  3. Players must possess 2 days worth of gold from AFK Rewards in order to place a wager.
  4. If the supported competitor wins the round, the player will win back double the amount of gold originally placed as a wager. Players can receive their winnings via their inbox.

New Quick Battle For Guild Bosses

Added the ‘Quick Battle’ feature to guild hunts which can be unlocked after reaching VIP level 6.

(You can’t do this for the first battle for some reason).

New Chat System

Added a complete new chat system which can be found where the ‘Friends’ tab was previously located. The ‘Friends’ tab can now be found in the top right hand corner below the ‘Mail’ tab.

(If you can’t see the new chat, you’ll have to update the game via the app store).

Misc Changes

Added a new hero reminder feature at the Stargazer, that allows players to be notified when their desired hero appears at the Stargazer.

Changed how relics are displayed when receiving them in the Arcane Labyrinth and Peaks of Time.

Easter Eggs are no longer in use and have been recalled. Players will be sent 50,000 gold coins via their inbox for every egg that was in their possession.

What was formerly called ‘Ladders’ can now be found under the ‘Ranhorn’ tab at the new structure called the ‘Wall of Legends’.

Added additional quests for ‘Complete the third floor of the Arcane Labyrinth X Times’. Players that have already completed the this quest more than 50 times can begin completing additional quests starting from ‘Complete the Arcane Labyrinth 50 times’ quest.


Optimized the way gear is equipped by heroes. Heroes can now directly swap gear with one another.

Optimized how ‘Hour Glass’ item resources are displayed, allowing players to see the exact amount of resources that will be received.

Optimized the performance of several of the game’s interfaces.

Optimized the visual animations for the hero Seirus and several NPC monsters.

Balance Changes

Adjusted the difficulty of certain stages within Chapters 4 through 10 and adjusted some of the enemy formations within Chapters 6 through 16.

The damage coefficient for Khasos’ level 2′ Throwing Axe’ ability has been increased from 110 % up to 115%.

Adjusted the way damage is calculated for the relic ‘Poisonous Embrace’, damage over time is now determined by the attacker’s own attack rating.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue affecting hero unions that was causing incorrect enemy attack ratings to be displayed.

Fixed an issue that was causing some heroes above level 240 to cause overly excessive damage to lower level enemies in the campaign and King’s Tower.

Fixed a bug that was causing hero portraits to display that their ultimate abilities were ready to be activated, but would not activate when the player attempted to.

Fixed a bug affecting Thoran’s third skill ‘ Resurrection’ that would sometimes prevent Thoran from being resurrected after he died.

Fixed an issue that was preventing Numisu’s ‘Offensive Totem’ from correctly being cast behind his enemies.

Fixed several problems causing some hero abilities to not work correctly when test playing heroes.

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