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Update 1.22 Patch Notes

A brand new major patch is coming to AFK Arena on 2019/07/26 at 7:00 – 9:00 UTC.

Here’s the full patch notes for it.

New Heroes

Added the Celestial heroes: Elijah & Lailah – Celestial Twins

Added the Lightbearer hero: Rosaline – The Kind

New “Signature Item” Feature

Added a new ‘Signature Item’ system. Heroes can now activate an exclusive signature item once they reach Mythic ascension. Signature items are powerful new items that can greatly strengthen the heroes that wield them. Resources used to activate and strengthen signature items can be found via AFK Rewards after completing Chapter 17.

New Building: Voyage of Wonders

Added the new structure ‘Voyage of Wonders’ to the Dark Forest page. When there are available voyages, players may embark on adventures and seek out new riches.

More Stargazer Hero Options

Added a new hero selection option to the Stargazer. Players can choose from a selection of older heroes to replace the current day’s Stargazer hero.

New Campaign Chapter

Added the new campaign chapter: Chapter 30 – The Decaying Port.

More King’s Tower Floors

The King’s Tower now has 450 playable floors and the Towers of Esperia now have 240 playable floors. With the introduction of ‘Signature Items’, the difficulty of certain floors have been adjusted.

Campaign Difficulty Adjustments

Adjusted the difficulty for chapters 18 and onwards. Players that have already passed Chapter 18 will receive a relevant amount of signature item resources as compensation basedon their progress.

Adjusted the difficulty of certain campaign stages and adjusted the enemy formations for stages 9-20, 13-4, 18-14, 18-16, 20-12 8.

Misc Changes

100 Tavern Tokens now lets players summon heroes via “Hero Choice Cards” instead of using the chest icon. Note: This is just a visual change.

Revamped the player portraits and story page visuals.

Changed the prerequisite for lighting the fire in the “The Burning Woods”. Ezizh now only needs to be defeated once instead of four times.

Hero Balance


Increased the damage for Numisu’s “Resonating Blast” ability. Increasing the damage from 150%/170%/190% to 200%/220%/240% per each respective skill level.


Optimized the Hero Mercenary feature. Hero applications will now disappear from the application list once they have been successfully rented out.

Optimized the description of Eironn’s “Elemental Surge” ability

Optimized the map visuals for the Peaks of Time adventure “The Abysmal Delves”.

Optimized the map visuals for the Peaks of Time adventure “The Divine Realm”.

Bug Fixes

Removed two redundant rare loot locations from the Peaks of Time adventure “The Savage Wastes.

Fixed a bug that would cause the incorrect rewards to be displayed in the Stargazer and Arcane Labyrinth.

Fixed an issue affecting the plot which would occur when Vurk retreated in the Peaks of Time adventure “The Burning Woods”

Fixed a bug that allowed players to open the guardian’s screen without needing to defeat the guardian within the Peaks of Time adventure “The Solar Plane”.

Fixed a bug that was causing certain ranged heroes attacks to be ineffective it the enemy was located too close to the edge of the screen.

Fixed a bug that would cause the incorrect rewards to be displayed in the Stargazer and Arcane Labyrinth.

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