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Update 1.26 Patch Notes

A new update for AFK Arena is coming soon!

Here’s the full patch notes for it.

New Hero

Added the new Lightbearer hero: Rigby – Brewmaster.

New Peaks of Time Adventure

Added the new Peaks of Time adventure: The Forgotten Mine, which is unlocked after stage 20-44.

New Chapter

Added the new campaign chapter: Chapter 32 – Mycosprout Glade.

Campaign Difficulty Adjustments

Adjusted the difficulty of multiple campaign stages in order to make the incremental increase in stage difficulty smoother. Affected stages: 6-36, 12-28, 14-12, 14-28, 16-36, 20-4, 20-12, 23-24, 24-52, 25-56.

New Voyage of Wonders Adventure

Added the new Voyage of Wonders adventure: Fallen Souls, available from Local Time: 18/10/ 2019 01:00 (Test server only).

Misc Changes

It is now possible to use the “Auto Use” feature to quickly and conveniently use faction emblems.

Players can now use diamonds to switch between faction packs within The Noble Tavern.

Player locations are now represented by a cart icon instead of a flag icon within the Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders.

It is now possible to see friends’ and guild mates’ progress when they are currently completing the same chapter as yourself on the campaign page.

It is now possible to see your guild mates’ and friends’ current progress from within the world map.

Replaced the game font used for English.

Players can now quickly and conveniently collect their Legends’ Championship rewards from their mailbox by pressing “Collect All” instead of opening each reward letter individually.

Players can now receive the “Gift of Light” reward after making a purchase. Players that previously made a purchase are also eligible for this reward.

Signature Item Adjustments

Reworked the signature item abilities for the following heroes:

Fawkes – Death’s Defeat.
Kaz – Hand of the Wood.
Gorvo – The Indomitable.
Raine – Death’s Denier.

(For more information please view their in-game ability descriptions)

Hero Changes

Optimized the ability descriptions for Gwyneth- The Fair Maiden. Ability effects remain unchanged.

Changed Antandra – Desert Fury’s pre-Legendary appearance so that it matches her hero portrait.

Fixed a problem affecting Rowan’s health potion effect, which would cause the potion to appear over the wrong hero’s head when being used.

Fixed a bug that was erroneously causing Orthros’ “Time Suspension” ability to increase the battle timer’s time.

Fixed a display issue that was causing Warek’s hand to appear as if it were invisible

Fixed a bug that was causing the damage over time effect for certain abilities to not be re corded within battle logs.

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