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Update 1.28 Patch Notes

A new update is coming to AFK Arena soon!

Here’s the full patch notes for it.

New Hero

Added the new Celestial hero: Talene – The Rising Phoenix

New Union

Added the new hero union: Guardians of the Abyss. (Seirus & Gorvo).

VIP EXP from Chapter Completion

VIP Experience can now be received as a chapter completion reward. Players that have already completed chapters can receive this EXP via mail.

New ‘Noble Subscriptions’ Feature

Added the new ‘Noble Subscriptions’ feature.

New Voyage of Wonders Adventure

Added the new Voyage of Wonders adventure: Fields Of Stone.

Store Adjustments

Made several adjustments to products within the ‘Store’ and Arcane Labyrinth store.

Campaign Difficulty Adjustments

Adjusted the difficulty of the first 12 campaign chapters in order to make the stage progression difficulty smoother.

Hero Balance Changes

Completely reworked Gwyneth’s Signature Item skill ‘Focus Fire‘ level 3 ability effects.

Misc Changes

Added a new ‘Enhance’ and ‘Strengthen’ recommendation page, in order to reduce the amount of red symbols cluttering up the ‘Heroes’ page

The hero wish list can now be unlocked after completing stage 1-12. Adjusted the default wish list heroes.

It is now possible to view more players’ progress on the campaign and world map pages.

Moved the ‘Gift of Light‘ deal to the ‘Merchants’ page and also made its unlock requirements visible to players. This addition will not affect players using or claiming this item in anyway.

Retconned two stories: The Dragon Slayers and Warek’s background story.

Battle text will now display how much value a shield has lost or gained.

Clarified the rules of the Regal Rewards and Champions of Esperia features.


Optimized the visual effects of Raine’s ‘Lock On ability.

Optimized the battle screens of the Arcane Labyrinth, Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders so that they now display the heroes’ Combat Ratings and relic bonuses.

Optimized the summoning animation effect at the Noble Tavern.

Optimized animations and picture sharpness of the following heroes

  1. Ira – Rogue of the Forest
  2. Merek
  3. Athalia – Harbinger of Justice
  4. Lucius – Lightbringer
  5. Kaz – Hand of the Wood
  6. Gorvo – The Indom itable
  7. Mehira – Mind Cager

Undocumented Changes

The Merchant Ship now offers one free package for weekly and monthly deals.

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