Update 1.31 Patch Notes

A new update is coming to AFK Arena soon!

A new update is coming to AFK Arena soon!

It was be released on the test realms on January 14, 2020.

Here’s the patch notes for it.

New Heroes

Added the new Mauler hero: Skriath – The Wise One

New Mythic T2 Gear

Added the new Mythic T2 tier as well as the resources which are used to upgrade Mythic T1 gear into T2 gear. Players can acquire this resource from AFK Rewards after completing stage 26-1 or from both the Store and Guild Store.

New Hero Skin System

Added a new hero skin system. Players can view hero skins on the ‘Heroes’ page. Only heroes which have upgradable skins will have the ‘Skins’ option available.

New Elder Tree Feature

Added the new ‘Elder Tree’ feature to the Library which can be unlocked after completing campaign stage 8-40. Players can level up the Elder Tree to increase all of their heroes’ attributes.

After reaching a certain Elder Tree level and completing stage 12-40 players will be able to unlock the ‘Dura’s Virtues’ feature on the Elder Tree. Each ‘Virtue’ branch of the corresponds to a particular type of hero class.

New Twisted Realm Guild Feature

Added the new ‘Twisted Realm’ feature which can be found within the Guild Grounds that can be unlocked after completing stage 12-40. Players can battle against powerful bosses within the Twisted Realm to acquire rewards.

Due to the countdown timer being linked with the Arcane Labyrinth’s own countdown timer, it is possible that at the time of this update that the remaining playable time is less than the normal 48 hours, which is stated in the Twisted Ream rules.

New Voyage Adventure

Added the new Voyage of Wonders adventure – The Frozen Pass.

Misc Changes

Added a new class tag to Celestial tier heroes which can be viewed on the ‘Heroes’ page. Classes include: Tank, Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Support.

Added the ‘Blazefury’ skin for Brutus. Players can complete stage three of the ‘Assembly of Heroes’ event to acquire it.

After receiving player feedback we’ve decided to adjust the Assembly of Heroes so that players can immediately claim each stage’s rewards as soon as the reward requirements have been met.

Renamed Mythic+ equipment as Mythic T1 and adjusted the corresponding tier icons for Mythic T1 items.

Added the option to view each hero’s Signature Item via the ‘Portraits’ page.

Added a new icon that denotes when a player’s bag slot is at its max limit.

Removed the relics ‘Hogan’s Fortitude’, ‘Lament’, ‘Lion’s Might’ and ‘Bloody Shawl’ from the Arcane Labyrinth.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue preventing certain ultimate abilities from being correctly interrupted by certain control abilities.

Fixed a difficulty problem that occurred after floor 300 of the Mauler tower ‘The Brutal Citadel’ within the Towers of Esperia.

Hero Balance Changes

Wu Kong – The Monkey King
  • Fixed a problem that was causing the clones from Wu Kong’s ‘Cloud Clones’ ability to be summoned with health lower than was intended.
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing Wu Kong’s’ Bludgeon’ ability from correctly hitting enemies.
  • Optimized the sound effects of Wu Kong’s ‘Falling Fury’ ability.
Rowan – The Roamer
  • The ability ‘Dazzle’ will no longer allow summon-able allies to recover energy.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the special effects of the ‘Battle Cry’ ability from matching up with Gorvo’s character model.
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