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Update 1.64 Patch Notes

A new update is coming to AFK Arena soon!

Here’s the full patch notes.

New Hero & Bountiful Trial

Added the new Hypogean Hero: Leofric – The Malevolent Menace.

The Bountiful Trials event will be also be available for Leofric.

Campaign Nerfs

Reduced the quantity of teams needed within most stages of Chapters 31 through 35 of the campaign. For specifics please refer to the game.

Reduced the Combat Rating limits of Chapters 20 through 41.

Reduced the level of Signature Items worn by enemies in most stages of Chapters 35 through 40.

Rosaline “Follow” Function

Added a new “Follow” function for Rosaline. Players can now manually select the allied target that they would like Rosaline to follow prior to entering battles.

New Voyage of Wonders Adventure

Added the adventure “Void Rift” to the Voyage of Wonders feature.

New Trials of God Adventure

Added the adventure “Track of the Sands” to the Trials of God feature. Players can unlock this adventure by completing Stage 34-30 of the campaign and by completing 100% of the same adventure found within the Wandering Balloon.

New Warrior Artifact

Added a new Warrior Class-Exclusive Artifact called “Life’s Limit“, which can be acquired from the Trials of God – Track of the Sands instance.

Misty Valley Returns

A new Misty Valley round is about to commence!

The Hunting Fields: Official Season Begins

The official season of The Hunting Fields will begin, with Medals, Fortune Chests and Avatar Frames awarded according to the overall ranking.

The Hunting Fields Optimizations

Increased the number of specified solo tasks needed to be completed before Hunting Squad Level rewards can be obtained.

Added a new mid-challenge “Abandon-hunt” voting system.

Single challenge period has been increased to 8 days, up from 7 days.

Reduced the difficulty of the second team’s enemies found for level 4 and 5 Camps.

Reduced the HP of the first and fourth life of Adrax, and increased the HP of his second and third life.

Dismal Maze “Dismal Master” Feature

Arcane Labyrinth – Dismal Maze Mode now includes a mutual assistance function. When a player does not use Dura’s Tear to complete at least 4 multi-team battles, that player can become a Dismal Master, giving them the ability to help other Maze-goers.


Optimized the “Portraits” feature. After receiving a new hero, players can tap on the ” Portraits” tab and be taken directly to their new hero’s portrait. Opening the new hero’s story will automatically grant players a reward of 100 Diamonds.

Hero Adjustments


Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause an abnormal character position at the end of the action of the skill “Ms. Post-Apocalyptic Raider” to occur.


Fixed a problem causing the skill “Double Dosage “to incorrectly affect enemy targets that should have been non-targetable. – Fixed an issue with the skill “Healing Haze” where the mist would sometimes move to the edge of the screen.


Fixed a problem that would cause some enemies to still be sucked in by the skill “Eviction” after being dropped down, resulting in them moving to specific locations on the battlefield.


Fixed a problem that would cause some enemies to incorrectly move to specific areas on the battlefield after being dropped down as a result of the skill “Astral Shift”.

Fixed a problem with the skill “Pippa’s Perfection”, that was not correctly buffing Arden’s Ultimate ability under special circumstances.


Fixed a problem that caused Damon to join the battle late due to the enemy Mezoth’s “Postponement” skill.


Fixed a problem that sometimes caused the flight path of the shuriken for the skill “Blade of Fury” to be abnormal.


Improved the description of the skill “Cosmic Attraction” and the skill “Cosmic Field”, the actual skill effects remain the same as before.


Fixed an issue where the skill “Doppelganger” sometimes caused Zorath to have incorrect HP at the end of a fight.

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