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Update 1.68 Patch Notes

A new update is coming to AFK Arena soon!

Here’s the full patch notes.

New Celestial Hero

Added the new Celestial hero: Titus – Guardian of the Mountains.

The Bountiful Trials event will be available for Titus shortly after release.

New Eternal Engraving Feature

Added a new system called “Eternal Engravings“. Players must complete chapter 21 of the campaign to unlock this system. Only Celestial or Hypogean heroes which have reached Ascended 1 Star will have access to the Eternal Engravings system.

Players can access the Eternal Engravings system by tapping on the “Engrave” tab on the “Hero Details” interface. Players can then illuminate the Glyphs in order to raise hero attributes and strengthen hero abilities.

The Eternal Engravings system will gradually become available to the Dimensional and four other factions in the future.

More Quests

Added new quests to the King’s Tower, Celestial Sanctum, and Infernal Fortress features. Players can complete these quests in return for “Eternal Engravings” resources.

King’s Tower

Players can now climb up to 600 floors within each of the 4-Faction Towers. Simultaneously, the difficulty of some floors between 540 – 570 have also been reduced.

Retire Legendary Tier Heroes

Players that possess a certain amount of Heroes with Ascended Tier can now choose to retire Legendary Tier Heroes at “Rickety Cart”. For specifics please refer to the in-game rules.


Optimized the process of multi-team battles within the King’s Tower, victory progress shall now be maintained.

Optimized the way limited purchases within the Store are displayed. Limited items are now displayed and sold separately. Once this update has been implemented, the items within the “Store” and “Guild Store” will be refreshed, and the purchase limit for limited items will be reset.

Balance Adjustments

Elijah & Lailah

Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Unity” attribute bonuses from being removed after the union had been separated.


Fixed an issue where in some situations the ability “Fire Rapture” would not deal additional damage.

Stat Changes

Added three new attribute types called “Crit Block Rate”, “Physical Pierce” and “Magic Pierce”. These attributes can be attained via the Eternal Engravings systems. For specifics please refer to the in-game descriptions.

“Crit Amplification” has been renamed to “Crit Damage Amplification” and “Crit Resistance” has been renamed to “Crit Damage Resistance”

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