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AFK Arena Update Patch Notes

AFK Arena 1.99 Patch Notes

Here are the full AFK Arena 1.99 patch notes for the latest update of the game from the test server.

New Heroes of Esperia Season

A new “Heroes of Esperia” season will begin on soon, which will be available to adventurers that have completed Stage 11-40.

Isle of Gold Updated

A new “Isle of Gold” event will begin soon and will feature the following updates:

Added “Fortification”, where once the territory has a certain number of high-level buildings, it will trigger the effects of the fortifications and help the adventurer defend against plundering.

We’ve made some balance adjustments to some of the building effects. For specific details please refer to the game.

New Beast – Winged Lion

Added a new beast – Winged Lion. Adventurers can enter Beast Grounds to lure and capture them after completing Stage 14-40.

New “Level Sweep” Feature for Arcane Labyrinth

Added the “Level Sweep” feature for Arcane Labyrinth, which can be unlocked by adventurers after clearing Stage 38-60. This feature can only be used for the first tile. Once tapped, the player will sweep multiple stages, reach the third stage’s entrance, and receive the corresponding rewards.

New Forest Mania Stages

Added Stages 76 to 90 to Forest Mania, and raised Adventure Rewards up to 270 stars. Players can unlock it by completing Stage 16-1.

New Voyage of Wonders Adventure

Added the adventure “Limestone Valley” to the Voyage of Wonders feature, which will be available soon.

New Chapter Added to Campaign

Added a new chapter to the campaign – Chapter 53 – Sigh of Scholars, and reduced the difficulty for certain stages of chapter 53.

New Misty Valley Season

A new Misty Valley season is about to commence soon. The option “Baits” has been added to some of the Treasure Trove’s reward slots.

“Glorified Guilds” Adjustments

Added the “Hunting Fields” page, where adventurers can view information on the top teams from past Hunting Fields seasons and receive Honorable Rewards.
Optimized the performance of the Abyssal Expedition page.

Hero Brief Descriptions Update

After this update, we will be optimizing the brief descriptions of some hero skills progressively. Adventurers can switch between the various skill interfaces to view the information.

Battle Adjustments and Changes

Optimized the brief descriptions of some beast skills. Actual battle effects remain unchanged.

Optimized and adjusted the effects of the relics “The Angelic Thorn” and “The Watchful Eye” from Arcane Labyrinth. For specific details please refer to the game.


Fixed an anomaly where, in some extreme situations, iron-jaws were not cleared at the end of a battle. Actual battle effects remain unchanged.

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