Feast of the Beasts Event

A brand new event has arrived in AFK Arena in the future!

The Scorched Expanse, barren for many millennia.

Its denizens didn’t live here, they merely inhabited it

Year after year they eked out a meager living for themselves.

It wasn’t until a sect of voodoo shamans native to the expanse offered up sacrifices to the gods.

It was a miracle. It rained.

The much needed rain reinvigorated the desert’s inhabitants.

Thus in honor of the shamans’ memory, the Maulers created a new tradition: The Feast of the Beasts.

Feast of the Beasts

A brand new event has arrived in AFK Arena in the future!

Feast of the Beasts will last for a total of 10 days of which there will be 8 days where cornucopias may be acquired from Labyrinth Praetorian stages and 100 point daily quest chests.

Event Description

Acquire Cornucopias from Praetorian stages found within the Labyrinth and Daily Quest chests. Gift your friends cornucopias and receive Dragonberries in return. Dragonberries can be exchanged for rewards and those that receive cornucopias will also receive “Nature’s Blessings“.

The event has 2 elements to it:

  • Exchange Event
  • Blessings Leaderboard

Exchange Event

This is your typical “do normal things and get rewards” part of the event. It’s very similar to the Egg Hunters Event we saw a while ago.

You earn “Cornucopias” from opening the final daily quest chest and also defeating labyrinth stages with red flags.

You can then gift the cornucopias to other players, and in exchange you’ll receive “Dragonberries“, which can be traded for rewards.

How Many Cornucopias Can you Earn?

The amount of cornucopias that can be earned for free is probably somewhere between 312 ‬to 438‬ in total‬ (375 average).

Earning over 300 should be fairly easy, and that’s enough for one elite hero of your choice. This is assuming you complete the daily quests every day for the last chest and also do 4 full labyrinth runs.


Each day the final daily quest chest rewards 15 cornucopias. A maximum of 120 cornucopias can be earned from dailys during the event.


Each “Praetorian” labyrinth stage rewards 4 cornucopias.

On average, you’ll encounter between 4 to 6 praetorian stages per labyrinth floor. The average range of cornucopias that can be earned per full run is probably between 48 to ‭72‬.

Assuming the event starts on a labyrinth reset, you can do it 4 times. You’ll likely earn between 192‬ to ‭288‬‬ cornucopias in total from the praetorian stages during the event. The average being 240.

How to Send Cornucopias?

You can only send cornucopias to other players via a button on their in-game “Player Info” page.

This can be accessed by tapping on a players’ portrait in your friends list, any chat windows, or the guild roster page.

What are “Praetorian” Stages?

Praetorian stages in the labyrinth are the ones with a red flag that look like this:

These stages contain enemies that have slightly more power than the normal ones.

Blessing Leaderboard

This is another part of the event, it’s somewhat similar to the Valentines Event that occurred before global launch.

When you receive cornucopias from other players you’ll earn “Nature’s Blessings“. The more of these you have, the higher on the leaderboard you will be.

The top leaderboard positions at the end of the event will earn a unique frame.


The Blessings Leaderboard has special frame rewards:

Dragonberries can be exchanged for the following rewards:

What’s the Best Thing to Buy?

This is entirely subjective and largely depends on what progress you’re at in the game.

Personally, if I didn’t already have Brutus or Tasi, or needed more to ascend, I’d buy them. They’re easily the most useful heroes overall.

If you don’t really need any specific hero then the common hero and faction scrolls could be worth buying. But you’re relying on RNGesus to pull through for you.

It’s definitely not worth buying the Diamonds or Stargazing Cards.

If you’re willing to spend money on the event, buy Athalia.

Daily Gift Sets

Cornucopias can also be acquired from the daily gift sets. Keep in mind that these sets also have 3 different purchase tiers each, and presumably cornucopias can be obtained from all of them.

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