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Voyage – Fields of Ice

The Fields of Ice is a brand new adventure coming soon to the Voyage of Wonders.

It’s set to be released on February 8, 2021.

It will be a part of the Spring Spree Events. A total of 50 Heart’s Desires can be obtained from looting every chest in the adventure.

Map Guide

This is a guide for 100% map completion, which means looting all of the chests.

It should take around 3 minutes to complete, with the enemies being fairly easy to defeat.

(Click for larger image)


Steps 7, 18 – Press the lever while standing on the red platform.
Steps 12, 15, 17, 21 – Press the lever.
Zanger Steam Cannon will block the lasers once pressed.
Step 24 – Press twice.
Green = Required, Red = Optional.


These are the rewards for looting every chest:

Heart’s Desires x50
Stargazing Card x10
Poe Coins x1500
Large Crate of Gold (24 hours) x4
Large Hero’s Essence (24 hours) x2
Large Crate of Hero EXP (24 hours) x2

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