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Spring Spree Event

Winter’s almost over and it’s time for Spring to rise!

Coming to AFK Arena soon is a new set of events called “Spring Spree”.

This will include the new Talene skin, among many other rewards.

Heart’s Desires

Players may exchange Heart’s Desires for rewards up until the event ends (14 days).

How Many Can You Get?

Fiery Days Daily Login: 80.
Voyage of Wonders: Fields of Ice: 50.
Daily Quest Chests: 20 per day, 240 in total.

Total: 370 for free.

What Are The Best Things to Buy?

Best Overall:
5x Faction Emblems (150)
1x Poe Coins (3000)

Best for Skin:
Talene Skin
2x Faction Emblems (60)

If you only need one Celestial/Hypogean for ascension then buying 1 for 300 with either Faction Emblems or Poe Coins is also decent value.

Hero Rewards

These are the heroes you can buy from the event.

Athalia x4
Mezoth x4
Ezizh x4
Talene x4
Wu Kong x4
Rosaline x2
Silas x2
Tidus x2
Grezhul x2
Tasi x2
Lorsan x2
Rigby x2

Fiery Days Event

Event Duration: 2021/02/08 00:00 UTC to 2021/02/21 23:59 UTC

Sign in for seven days during the event period to claim all the amazing rewards and an elite Hero copy of your choice.

Phoenix Flowers

Event Duration: 2021/02/08 00:00 UTC – 2021/02/21 23:59 UTC

You can send gifts to other players via their ‘Player Info’ page during the event.

Flowers Leaderboard rankings will be determined by the total amount of “Phoenix Flowers” players receive during the event. Players will have the chance to be rewarded with a limited edition Spring Spree frame, which is determined by their final leaderboard ranking.

Players that reach Gold division during the Legends’ Challenger Tournament can obtain Phoenix Flowers.

Phoenix’s Calling

Legends’ of Challenger rankings will be recorded every day at 01:00, 09:00 and 17:00 UTC while the event is underway.

The amount of rewards received by a player is based upon their highest daily ranking received (out of three daily ranks), and will be sent to players via the in-game mailbox. Players that reach Gold division will be sent Phoenix Flowers.

A brand new Legends’ Challenger Tournament scene is coming with the event as well.

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