Wishlist Priority in AFK Journey

Do you want to pull the best heroes in AFK Journey? We've got you covered! Here's our wishlist priority guide so you know which heroes to pick!

Wishlist Guide

The wishlist is an important feature in AFK Journey. It allows players to target specific heroes while using the hero gacha mechanic. This can help eliminate the frustrating randomness that can occur when you want to pull certain heroes.

Using the wishlist can significantly boost your in-game progression, as you can pull the best heroes much quicker. If you do not set your wishlist well, it can have a large impact on how far you can progress later as you need multiple of the same heroes to upgrade them.

It is unlocked after pulling 30 heroes on the All-Hero Recruitment banner. The Epic Recruitment banner features a slightly different variant of the wishlist, and is unlocked from the start.

Wishlist Priority

This wishlist assumes that you have 1 copy of the heroes on the top row.

Please note that Vala is currently the rate-up banner and can’t be chosen on the wishlist. Once that banner ends, she will be the number-one choice for Lightbearers.

Also, keep in mind that the second pity pull will guarantee that you acquire Rowan, Hewynn, Smokey & Meerky. If you don’t get Rowan, then place him on the list.

Get 1 copy first:

  • Rowan – Great support hero, works well with Cecia.
  • Brutus – He has a cheat death, which can buy your team some time to snatch a victory. However, he’s bad at mid/late game.
  • Kruger – Best enemy defense debuffer in the game. However, he is only good for the dream realm. But you’ll be doing that every day anyway.

Get 1 Copy First

Epic Recruitment Wishlist

Only select S-Level heroes on the Epic Recruitment wishlist.

Note that Vala is not on the list due to the rate up banner. She would replace Eironn.

You can switch Shakir with Temesia, but that’s optional and entirely your choice.

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