A Guide to Guilds

Aside from the obvious social benefits, joining a guild will grant you access to the Guild Store and Team Hunting.

Aside from the obvious social benefits, joining a guild will grant you access to the Guild Store and Team Hunting in the Guild Hall.

Completing daily quests while in a guild will reward Guild Activity Points. This is important, as they can be spend on unlocking a special limited time boss that has increased rewards.

Most well established guilds require you to be active and may kick inactive members, so keep that in mind before joining one!

A nice feature of AFK Arena is that although there are separate servers, you can join a guild on any server.

You can of course create your own guild if you want, but it costs 500 diamonds.

The Guild Store

You can buy extremely good gear from the store. The rewards will increase in quality after passing certain points in the campaign.

Team Hunting

This unlocks the ability to fight a guild boss. Only your guild members can attack it, and the person with the most damage done to it in a single battle will obtain increased rewards.

Guild Coins can be earned from attacking the bosses. You can spend them on gear in the guild store.

There’s currently 2 bosses — Wrizz and Soren.

Guild Boss: Wrizz

Wrizz is available to fight twice daily (3 times if at VIP 6).

Wrizz the Desecrator, the infamous goblin corpse looter whose guile is matched only by his unquenchable thirst for all things gold, will do whatever it takes to get his hands on the shiny stuff.

He will often be found lurking in wartorn areas of the kingdom looting the valiant fallen heroes of Esperia, so that he can make what was once theirs his own.

Although skittish by nature is adequately equipped to defend himself if required and the utmost caution should be used when approaching him.

Guild Boss: Soren

This is a special limited time boss. It’s unlocked after the guild achieves 9000 Guild Activity Points.

Soren does not unlock automatically. Once enough points has been acquired, a Guild Master or Deputy can manually enable him.

Soren was as brave a squire as any, but what set him apart was a sense of limitless curiosity. Young and foolhardy, he sought ever greater and stranger foes to fell, artifacts to unearth, and mysteries to reveal.

He sought only knowledge, and left the glory of his feats to his liege. It was in this course of things that he met his current fate. Unsealing a tomb avoided by the locals because of the strange lights that danced around it during the crescent moon, he was struck by the spiteful, millennia-old curse that animates him to this day.

Soren is now a putrid facsimile of the young man he was two hundred years ago. The only things about him that remain unchanged are his courage, his recklessness, and his unbridled curiosity.

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