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Legends’ Challenger Tournament

The Legends’ Challenger Tournament is a server based ladder system. It can be unlocked after completing stage 9-20 of the campaign.

It’s the prerequisite for entry into the prestigious Legends’ Championship.

Unlike the Arena of Heroes, it’s a “best of three” style competition where players must select 3 different teams that can both defend against and attack opponents on the ladder.

Competing on the Ladder

Challenging a player on the ladder costs “Challenger Tickets”. A certain amount of these are received for free, but more can be bought with Diamonds.

The first player to win two battles will claim victory. If the battle ends before all heroes have been killed, the challenging player will lose.

How Long Does it Last?

The tournament lasts for approximately 2 weeks.


There’s 7 different divisions, all players start in the “Novice” division and can work their way up to the highest tier of “Champion”.

Gladiator Coins

While competing in the tournament players will accumulate “Gladiator Coins”. The rate at which they obtain this currency is based on their current division and ladder position.

The coins are automatically placed into a “Challenger Chest” that has a cap of 10,000 coins. The chest must be manually opened to receive the coins. The maximum cap of coins that can be held by a player at any one time is 5,000,000.

Gladiator Coins can be spent on specific heroes in the Challenger Store.

Challenger Points

Players in the champion division can also obtain “Challenger Points” on an hourly basis.

Once the season has concluded, the top 10 players with the most challenger points will qualify for the group stages of the “Legends’ Championship” tournament.

All challenger points will reset at the end of a season, but the ladders do not.


The arena is a place where champions are made, where hunters can become the hunted in the blink of an eye. A place where only those that know themselves more than their foes may claim victory.

-“Champion” Arthur • F • Rayne

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