Rancid Forest Guide

A guide to the 8th adventure in the Peaks of Time.

In this adventure you’ll need to stand on different symbols within the forest.

Once you stand on one, it will the create another on the water to the east, forming a bridge to the crystal chest that is on the island.

There’s 7 green symbols and 5 blue symbols in total. You’ll only need to complete one bridge of symbols, so you don’t need to find every single one in the forest.

Most of the symbols are visible, but some of them are hidden until you stand on them.

Table of Contents

Map Locations

Huge credit to the AFK Arena Discord for this picture! (click on it for a larger image).

Green Symbol Locations

At the start. You can’t miss it:

These are all in the center of the map:

North East near the start of the green bridge:

Blue Symbols

Near the start:

In the center of the map (a crystal treasure chest is in that empty spot to the right of it as well):

South West. Just go straight down from the beginning:

South West. Follow the route west of the symbol in the South East. They’re both next to the start of the blue bridge:

The Island

Once a bridge is open, you just have to walk across it. Be aware that the enemy guarding it is a fairly powerful boss so you might want to farm relics before attempting it.

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