The Divine Realm Guide

A guide to the 7th adventure in the Peaks of Time.

This is a new addition to the Peaks of Time. It was added in patch 1.14.1.

Your goal in this adventure is activate the teleport to the 2 different islands.

You can do this by finding and activating 3 of the same seal types within the map.

As with most adventures there’s a catch. In this one, when you defeat each enemy, a piece of the platform is removed.

There are gold treasure chests that can be found without teleporting to the islands, but the 2 crystal chests are on each island.

You’ll need to do 2 different runs to get both crystal treasure chests.

There’s 2 different seal types:

Sun Seal

Moon Seal

This one leads to the crystal chest that contains Shemira.

The Sun Seals

To find all of the Sun Seals, simply follow these paths in order:

This will activate the teleport at the center of the map:

Standing on the teleport will take you to an island which has a crystal treasure chest containing 20 Dura’s Grace Fragments:

The Moon Seals

To find all of the Moon Seals, follow these paths in order:

As with the other seal, this will activate a teleport in the center of the map:

Stand on it and you’ll reach the last island that has a crystal chest containing an epic shemira:

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