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The Contorted Realm Guide

The Contorted Realm is the 15th adventure in the “Historic Ventures” section of the Peaks of Time.

The Contorted Realm Map Guide

TL;DR Activate in this order: 1-A-3-B-5-C-D-7-F to get all gold chests.


  • Yellow is start point.
  • Red is an enemy.
  • Green is a jump gate (JG) (only one active at a time, teleport to it from a jump gate entrance).
  • Orange is a jump gate entrance (JGE).
  • Purple is a disappearing bridge.
  • Striped purple is an appearing bridge.


1:) Fight the first enemy and activate JG 1 for some dialog.

2:) Proceed towards JGE A. The bridge will collapse and reappear below JG 1

3.) Take JGE A to teleport back to JG 1 and cross the newly formed bridge.

4.) Skip JG 2 (NOTE: if you go near the collapsing bridge to the right of 2, it will despawn and you will have to start over) and head down towards JG 3.

5.) Activate JG 3 and cross the bridge to JGE B. The bridge will collapse and reappear to the top left of JG 3.

6.) Take JGE B and cross the newly formed bridge. From here, head to the right, skip JG 4, and activate JG 5. (Optional: Get the treasure by JGE C and teleport back to JG 5.)

7.) Head to JGE D. The bridge just before JGE D will collapse and reappear to the top right of JG 2.

8.) Take JGE D to return to JG 5. From here, head top right to the JGE E island, then all the way to the left to the JG 2 island. You can now cross the newly formed bridge to access the upper island.

9.) Activate JG 7, get the treasure at JGE F, then take JGE F to teleport back to JG 7.

Credit to u/Dyalar on Reddit

Credit to u/Wan-chan on Reddit

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