AFK Journey Tier List: Best Heroes [May 2024]

This is an AFK Journey tier list for all heroes in the game.

Are you ready to embark on your AFK Journey? If so, you might need help with choosing which heroes to take with you! To assist with that, we’ve compiled an AFK Journey tier list to rank the best heroes in the game.

Keep in mind that AFK Journey has only just been officially released. This means that the meta of the game is still forming, and heroes who might not have been that good in the beta version could find a place in a new meta team.

We’ll be updating the tier list on a regular basis to make sure that it has the most up-to-date ratings for each hero. We also have an AFK Arena tier list to check out if you want to play the original game.

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AFK Journey Tier List

This is the main AFK Journey tier list. It is based on the each heroes’ performance in the current patch for global release. The hero ratings are for five different game modes: AFK/Story/World Map, Dream Realm (Bosses), PvP (Arena), Battle Drills (Guild), and Trial of Abyss.

AFK/StoryBattle DrillsDream RealmPvPTrial of Abyss

Hero Summaries



Brutus is great in the early game due to his immortality skill “Indomitable”. This allows him to stay alive for a few seconds longer, which can enable your team to finish off the enemies. However, he dies extremely quickly on higher stages. As you progress into the endgame, he starts to drop off significantly, much like he did in AFK Arena. He’s not very good for the Dream Realm either but is decent in PvP. You generally only need 1 copy of him in the early game.

Smokey & Meerky is one of the best early game support units. They can buff and heal allies. They work great in story mode and are the best support unit to use in the dream realm. However, they don’t work well in all teams, as their tile range is quite small. PvP-wise, they’re mid-tier.

Shakir is an all-round great hero. He can do a bit of everything, damage, support, and even some off-tanking.

Odie is the best A-level hero in the game. His damage is extremely high, and only gets better as he gets upgraded. His ultimate poisons an enemy and will grant a large amount of energy when it is defeated (at lvl 51). His EX weapon skill (Mythic+) will allow him to execute enemies below a certain HP. This combination can enable him to snowball and wipe out entire teams.

Koko is another strong A-Level hero. She acts as a support that can stagger the damage that her allies recieve. This can counter heavy burst damage. She can heal allies and buff their ATK. When her EX weapon is upgraded, she can also remove CC.

Kruger is the best hero in the game for reducing the enemies’ defense, which makes him amazing for the dream realm. He’s not so great in any other mode, but you’ll definitely want to get at least one copy of him for the dream realm. Preferably, upgrade him to Mythic+ in the late game.

Antandra is a decent tank that can play the role of off-tank very well. Unfortunately, some of the best A-Level heroes are maulers, so you’re never really going to place her on the wishlist. If you do have her, then she certainly isn’t bad to use.

Seth is extremely squishy in the early game. However, with upgrades, he can deal pretty insane damage and can also self-heal. Once you invest in him and get to late game, he can be a beast in every single game mode.

Satrana is a melee damage dealer that is a bit too squishy to be viable at the moment.

Rhys deals decent single target and AoE damage, but doesn’t really excel at either of them. Still, he is a very solid pick for everything except PvP.

Lumont has all of the right tools, but he’s very squishy and has a hard time staying alive. For this reason, he is currently one of the worst heroes in the game.



Hewynn is currently the best healer in the game. She can heal all allies on the battlefield, and can be used in any team. Her only weakness is that she’s slow to ramp up, and early on may require a support as a backup.

Eironn is mostly the same hero from AFK Arena. He pulls enemies in, and deals damage to them. This can setup amazing combos and makes him part of meta teams. However, he is pretty awful early on, so should only be used later with some investment.

Bryon is a ranged damage dealer that can summon a falcon pet during the battle. Once he unlocks his Tacit Strike skill at level 2, he can also revive once per battle (requires Mythic+).

Granny Dahnie is one of the best tanks in the game and is great for the story mode and PvP. Only Thoran surpasses her on the tank roster. She has quite a strong kit that features self-healing, CC and debuffing.

Lyca is a ranged damage dealer that buffs her allies with attack speed and energy at the start of the battle. This can help your team to cast their ultimate abilities before the enemy does. Her AoE damage is quite good as well. She’s great for the story mode early on, but does drop off a little at endgame. She’s good for the Dream Realm, but average for PvP.

Damian is a support hero that can provide buffs and heals for his team. He is quite weak early on, but at Mythic+ he can provide a haste buff for allies. This makes him very strong for PvP meta teams.

Arden is a mage that can root enemies in place with his “Entangling Roots” skill. He works well with other CC heroes. Much like Damian, he’s quite weak early on, but gets much better with upgrades. He’s great for PvP in the right team, but pretty bad for the dream realm.

Kafra is a warrior who revolves around marking enemies. He works surprisingly well as a support hero. This is mainly due to his “Wind Mark” skill, which heals allies when a marked enemy is defeated. However, he is very niche and one of the worst wilder heroes.

Parisa is a mage damage dealer who specializes in buffing allies who rely heavily on their basic attacks. This makes her very niche, and generally the worst wilder hero at the moment. While she can work decently well, building a team around her is not worth it.



Hero summaries for this faction are coming very soon!



Hero summaries for this faction are coming very soon!



Hero summaries for this faction are coming very soon!



Hero summaries for this faction are coming very soon!



Hero summaries for this faction are coming very soon!

AFK Journey Tier List FAQ

We’ve put together a small guide to help you with any questions regarding the tier list for AFK Journey.

What is an AFK Journey Tier List?

An AFK Journey Tier List is a ranked list of heroes in the game, from the best to the worst. Tier lists can be a helpful guide when choosing which heroes to invest in, as it can cost a lot of resources to upgrade heroes, and the decision can’t be reversed.

We use different ratings to rate each hero:

  • SS: Meta
  • S: Strong
  • A: Decent
  • B: Average
  • C: Bad
  • D: Do not use

Who is the best hero in AFK Journey?

The best hero in the game is currently Reinier. He excels in every game mode.

However, this hero is much harder to obtain and upgrade as he belongs to the Hypogean faction.

How many factions are in AFK Journey?

There are currently six different factions in AFK Journey. They are:

  • Wilder
  • Mauler
  • Lightbearer
  • Graveborn
  • Celestial
  • Hypogean

How many classes are in AFK Journey?

There are currently six different classes in AFK Journey. They are:

  • Tank
  • Warrior
  • Marksman
  • Support
  • Mage
  • Rogue

How many hero rarities are in AFK Journey?

There are currently two tiers of heroes in AFK Journey. They are:

  • S-Level: This is currently the best tier of hero.
  • A-Level: These are the lower-tier heroes.

And that was our current AFK Journey tier list guide. If you like idle games, you may also be interested in a Solo Leveling Arise tier list. Make sure to follow the official AFK Journey on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest news about the game.

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