The Savage Wastes Guide

This is a guide on how to get the artifact in the new Peaks of Time adventure called "The Savage Wastes".

In this adventure ALL of your heroes will lose health and energy after each battle. You’ll need to find “Watering Holes” to replenish their health.

Any healer, especially Nemora, is highly recommended for this. If you can heal to full during each battle you can essentially do every fight without ever needing to use any watering holes.

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The damage taken by heroes after each battle is around half of their health.

The “Watering Holes” will recover all heroes health and energy to 100% AND resurrect any dead ones.

It doesn’t seem like the “Recover health after battle” relics work.

Savage Wastes Map Guide

This is the best route to the final boss, which rewards an artifact.

Credit to u/Wan-chan on Reddit


This adventure will unlock Dura’s Chalice of Vitality. Mainly used for Tanks.

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