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Regal Rewards Event

Regal Rewards is an event that lasts for 49 days. It was added in patch 1.17. When active, it can be accessed via the “Gift Sets” tab.

Note: Your account needs to be at least 8 days old to see it.

During the event you’ll earn “Medals of Valor” for opening the chests you obtain from completing daily and weekly quests. Earning a certain amount of these will unlock a reward tier. There’s currently 25 tiers to unlock.


The basic rewards that can be collected per tier are Rare Hero Soulstones. However, a “Premium Pass” can also be purchased that will unlock additional rewards. The extra rewards are Elite Hero Soulstones & Diamonds.

If my math is correct, you’ll earn around 1,650‬ Rare Hero Soulstones if you complete enough quests to unlock every tier during the event. Considering this is free and you get them from doing dailys, it’s not too bad.

Premium Pass

With the “Premium Pass” you’ll also get an extra 550 Elite Soulstones & 5500 Diamonds during the event.

Is the Premium Pass Worth it?

It’s definitely value for money compared to most other things you can buy in-game. However, the rewards are time-gated so you’ll have to wait to receive them all.

Does the Premium Pass Give VIP Points?

Yes, you’ll earn 1580 VIP points for purchasing it.

In-Game Rules

Regal Rewards become available 8 days after the creation of a new account profile.

Regal Rewards is a time-limited reward system which lasts for 49 days.

More Regal Rewards can be unlocked by using Medals of Valor, which can be acquired from the ‘Dailies’ and ‘Weeklies’ quest chests.

Any regal rewards that do not get collected before the event has concluded will be sent to players via the in-game mail system.


From the first battles of the great invasion, morale across the realm of Esperia is at an all time low as the demonic aggressors spread far and wide across the land. The resistance knows that keeping the resolve of their armies high is paramount to winning this war of attrition. Thus several of Esperia’s great lords have decided that those who prove themselves in the arena of combat will be rewarded the highest honor, the Medal of Valor. Those who don the Medal of Valor are a privileged few, directly funded by the great lords themselves to help further their needs in the long war.

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