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The Peaks of Time

The Peaks of Time are fun little adventure puzzles where the goal is to find all of the treasure chests on the map. They offer one-time only rewards, so you only need to complete them 100% once.

There’s some powerful artifacts can be found in some of the chests. These artifacts can be equipped on your hero, a bit like a trinket.

You can start and finish them as many times as you want, so don’t worry if you fail it.

The difficulty of each adventure does not scale with your level, so you can eventually out-level them for an easier time.

You can unlock the building once Chapter 6: Stage 4 is completed.

There are two types of chests: Crystal & Gold. Crystal Treasure chests can contain artifacts, and finding a certain amount of them on the map is required to progress onto the next adventure.


According to Legend, the Peaks of Time were created by Honas, God of Creation, in order to allow him watch over all of his creations in the past, present and future.

It was said that where Dura fell to the earth, the last remnants of her being fell onto the high peaks of the mountain and were scattered, breaking up into seven divine artifacts that lay hidden somewhere within its interior.

Only when all seven of the artifacts are brought together, will the world have a chance to return to a state of peace.

Ranhorn’s Strife

Artifact Reward: Dura’s Grace

This is a fairly straight forward adventure to do. You shouldn’t have any problems completing it. The artifact reward is extremely strong, and should be equipped on one of your front-line heroes.

Ranhorn’s Strife Lore

Ranhorn has once again fallen into chaos. Demonic invaders have made their way into the city in an unprecedented fervor, as if something within its walls were drawing them there.

The Unrelenting Blaze

The Unrelenting Blaze Lore

For thousands of years a fine balance has persisted between the elements. Now with the of war, the elements have lost their equilibrium, causing chaos and bringing destruction to the land.

Secrets of the Forest

Artifact Reward: Dura’s Eye

The last chest of this adventure can be a little tricky to get, so we’ve made a Secrets of the Forest Guide.

Secrets of the Forest Lore

There are countless discoveries to be made within the forest. Those that dare venture into it often find it hard to find their way back home again. It’s also said that only those who’ve passed its trials are worthy of revealing its secrets.

Rest in Peace

Artifact Reward: Dura’s Call

The goal of this adventure is to remove the 3 curses that are blocking the door.

Stuck? Read check out the Rest In Peace Guide.

Rest in Peace Lore

This is a sacred land shrouded by mystery. The elders of the forest firmly believe setting foot on this land is sacrilege, yet others believe there are many undiscovered powers waiting to be found here.

The Ancient Ruins

The Ancient Ruins Lore

Eternal life is a desire many mortals possess. Many have tried to uncover the secrets to eternal life and many have failed. Now the mortals’ attention has been turned toward the distant ruins, wherein lies the remnants of something mystical. A mysterious nobleman and two young girls have arrived to seek out the secrets within, but nobody knows what they will find…

The Far Frontier

Artifact Reward: Dura’s Drape

The Far Frontier Lore

The Far Frontier is the infamous place where Commander Hogan made a name for himself. Trapped in the far reaches of the Lightbearer kingdom, completely surrounded and outnumbered, Hogan had only one way to escape; victory.

The Divine Realm

Reward: 1x Elite Shemira

Your goal in this adventure is activate the teleport to the 2 different islands.

Stuck? Then read our The Divine Realm Guide

The Divine Realm Lore

Once a place that only the gods could enter, this divine place was laid bare for all to see when it was ripped apart by the unholy powers of The Barred Gate. Many brave mortals have stepped into the realm only to be trapped for an eternity. Only the smartest of adventurers are able to loot the divine realm of its treasures and make it out again in one piece.

Rancid Forest

In this adventure you’ll need to stand on different symbols within the forest to open up a bridge to an island.

Stuck? Then read our Rancid Forest Guide

Rancid Forest Lore

Rancid Forest reeks with a thick stench. It is the place where the fonowers of the demon occult gather. Their ruler Kane can be found deep within the forest. To get a glimpse of Kane, they must offer up sacrifices to their cruel ruler on alters scattered throughout the forest which opens the passage to his throne. His devout followers within the dark shadows of the forest hidden beneath thick vegetation. They await those who dare to come looking for Kane and threaten his rule.

Viper’s March

Artifact Reward: Dura’s Blade

This is a pretty straightforward adventure. There’s no puzzles or anything sneaky required to complete it. It’s all about having heroes of the right faction for the 4 powerful Chief Enemies. One of the rewards is a brand new artifact for damage dealers called “Dura’s Blade”.

For more info about this adventure, check out our Viper’s Marsh Guide

Viper’s Marsh Lore

Viper’s Marsh is situated to the western wastelands of Esperia. Though it does not fall within the territory of any faction, they all wish to claim it as their own. It is rich in magical crystals and boasts an ideal strategic position, making it highly contested.

In order to gain control of Viper’s Marsh, each faction has a garrison of its own within the marshlands. The factions signed treaties on the resources of the islands, though from time to time conflicts break out between them. These treaties are by means binding — they are merely a pile of useless papers. Only force can put an end to the ongoing deadlock.

The Dismal Descent

The Dismal Descent is appropriately named, because it’s a bleak descent into madness trying to complete it.

The basic concept of the adventure is to step on symbols in the correct order to reach specific areas.

Stuck? Check out our Dismal Descent Guide.

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The Dismal Descent Lore

This unusual land is most difficult to traverse. The mountains here seem to have been moved by great magic, moved into peculiar locations, as if they were trying to hide something. The only way to traverse this land is through its magical portals. But one must be careful, those that enter the portals rashly may soon find themselves lost. There is surely some sort of method to their madness, perhaps a hidden code. Only the smart and cunning may uncover this realm’s hidden secrets.

The Savage Wastes

Artifact Reward: Dura’s Chalice of Vitality

In this adventure ALL of your heroes will lose health and energy after each battle. You’ll need to find “Watering Holes” to replenish your heroes health.

Just want to go straight to the artifact? Read our The Savage Wastes Guide.

The Savage Wastes Lore

Buried deep below the sands of this inhospitable wasteland lies the remnants of a civilization that once was great—a civilization that existed in an era where gods and mortals stood shoulder to shoulder. The hubris of mortal men brought about disaster that led to their own downfall. Mortal mages initiated a powerful arcane ritual that grew too strong for them to control, causing the city to be engulfed by desert sand. Now, all that remains of this once great civilization are its marvelous riches that lie somewhere beneath the desert’s dusty surface.

The Solar Plane

Artifact Reward: Dura’s Conviction

This adventure is all about defeating 6 powerful bosses in order to unlock the chest in the center of the map.

Stuck? Read our The Solar Plane Guide.

The Solar Plane Lore

Within the solar plane stands a vast valley which few adventurers have set foot in. Somewhere deep within the valley, is said to be an artifact of immense power. This artifact, however, is protected by a powerful order- “The Order of the Sun.” These protectors have devoted their lives to ensuring that this powerful artifact does not fall into the wrong hands. Thus, they built a great maze for which they use to hide it from the world. Only the worthy may claim what they seek here.

The Burning Woods

The Burning Woods Lore

This area of woods is said to be scattered with several ancient altars, each altar is said to embody a different type of elemental magic, whether or not the magic within these altars is good or evil is anybodies guess. As a way of maintaining balance between the elements found in this mystical land, ancient Wilder sages created an altar that is now home to a powerful water elemental. Treasures were also spoken of by the ancient Wilder sages, however your only way of finding these treasures is to enter through a portal, hidden somewhere deep within the woods. Two of your scouts have been reconnoitering the woods and are now awaiting your arrival.

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